Booze Quiz

1. What is the most common symptom of a hangover?
2. Which drink is advertised as the ‘King Of Beers’?
3. What is the drink slivovitz made from?
4. Which drink was created when Indian army officers added quinine to soda water to help fight malaria?
Tonic Water
5. With which fruit is the drink ‘Southern Comfort’ flavoured?
6. What is the basic ingredient of the drink Mead?
7. Which drink was advertised by Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins?
8. What do the letters ABV stand for on a beer pump or wine bottle?
Alcohol by Volume
9. What are the ingredients of the drink a ‘rusty nail?
Whiskey and Drambuie
10. What vegetable is used in the making of the drink schnapps?
11. A TV advert for which drink featured a cat called Tom going clubbing?
Bacardi Breezer
12. What drink is properly served in a schooner?
13. Which alcoholic spirit is mixed with beer to make the drink called a “dog’s nose”?
14. What does the word Spumante mean on a wine bottle?
15. Which Lager was advertised with the slogan, Reassuringly expensive?
Stella Artois
16. What does the brewing abbreviation “O.G.” stand for?
Original gravity
17. What nickname is given to an alcoholic drink of vodka and orange juice?
18. According to the TV Advert which City is the Home to Carlsberg Lager?
19. What drink was advertised by Paul Hogan?
Fosters Lager
20. Quiztime Survey Question – Top Answer Required – Name a fruit you put in a drink?
Olive / Lime / Cherry / Orange / Lemon

21. True or False – During the reign of William III, a garden fountain was once used as a giant punch bowl. The recipe included 560 gallons of brandy, 1200 pounds of sugar, 25,000 lemons, 20 gallons of lime juice, and five pounds of nutmeg. The bartender rowed around in a small boat, filling up guests’ punch cups?
22. What is the drink perry made from?
23. What J is a refreshing drink, especially in the southern states of the USA?
24. What drink’s secret formula is 7x?
Coca Cola
25. The drink Kirsch is flavoured with what?
26. Which highly alcoholic drink is made from a precise combination of pressed grapes and herbs and berries including aniseed, liquorice, mint, wintergreen, fennel and hazelnut?
27. What drink can be sweet, dry or rough?
28. Which alcoholic drink is distilled from the agave plant?
29. What name is given to the Spanish drink that consists of sweetened red wine and lemonade or soda water and decorated with fruit?
30. The name of which Scottish liqueur is derived from the Gaelic for ‘satisfying drink’?
31. Which drink was advertised on TV with the tag line, “The little drink with the big kick”?
32. Which Californian surf beach is also the name of a popular brand of drink?
33. What A is an alcoholic drink tasting of aniseed, made illegal in the early 1900’s which was said to drive you mad?
34. What is added to whisky to make a whisky Mac?
Ginger Wine
35. Which alcoholic drink can be vintage or ruby?
36. Which liqueur comes in three colours, green, yellow and white?
37. Which alcoholic drink derives its name from the Dutch for “burnt wine”?
38. Which alcoholic drink is nicknamed ‘Nelson’s Blood’?
39. Which liqueur is added to vodka to make a Black Russian?
Tia Maria
40. If you drink alcohol in an extremely cold place, what would you get?

Tiebreaker – In which year was beer first sold in bottles?


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