Darts Quiz

1. In darts, what is the highest score from three different trebles?
171 (60 + 57 + 54)
2. Straight-start, double-finish in Darts, what is minimum number of darts for 1,001?
3. If you were playing darts and got a ‘Shanghai’ score of 72 with darts which number have you scored on?
4. Born in Derbyshire in 1945, he was the British Mens Darts captain from 1977 to 1980, he achieved the first televised nine dart 501 game, who was he?
John Lowe
5. What was the nationality of the first ever Darts World Champion?
Welsh – Leighton Rees
6. In darts, what is the lowest score NOT possible with one dart?
Twenty Three
7. How many scoring zones are there on a dartboard?
8. What score is denoted by the term ‘bed and breakfast in a game of darts?
9. Which darts players nickname is “The Viking”?
Andy Fordham
10. True or False – Darts was banned in Glasgow in 1939 for being too dangerous?
11. Which darts player had the nickname ‘The Crafty Cockney’?
Eric Bristow
– Who was world darts champion five times throughout the 1980s?
Eric Bristow
12. Who was the first overseas darts player to win the World Championship?
John Part
13. Who did the World championship and News of the World darts double in 1997 ?
Phil Taylor
– Which darts player is known as “The Power”?
Phil Taylor
14. Traditionally, flights on Darts were made from feathers from which bird, a) Turkey, b) Peacock or c) Pheasant?
a) Turkey
15. Finishing on a double, which is the only two figure number that a darts player cannot check-out on in two darts?
16. Which wood are championship darts boards made from?
17. On a darts board which number is directly opposite 1?
18. What was the name of the quiz show hosted by Jim Bowen where contestants played darts and answered questions?
19. Which darts double is known as the basement?
Double Three
20. What is the highest checkout possible with three darts?

21. Which country won the first darts World cup in 1977, England, Scotland or Wales?
22. What is the throwing distance in a game of darts?
7ft 9 and a quarter inches
23. Who kept the darts score on TV’s Bullseye?
Tony Green
24. What is the lowest possible score to conclude a game of darts?
25. What is a bull’s eye worth in darts?
26. Nine darts needed to score 501, but what’s the minimum needed to score 301?
27. Which two words begin a darts match?
Game on
28. What is the common name given to the mark or ridge on the floor behind which a darts player must stand to throw?
The oche.
29. What is the lowest number of darts required to score 501?
30. In Darts, how high above the floor is the centre of the Bull? (Feet & Inches)
5’ 8″
31. Which three pubs or clubs have played host to a version of the world darts championship?
Jollees nightclub in Stoke, Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green, Circus Tavern in Purfleet
32. Which five different players have beaten Eric Bristow in the world darts final?
John Lowe, Keith Deller, Jocky Wilson, Dennis Priestley, Phil Taylor
33. Apart from Eric Bristow, who is the only other man to successfully defend the Embassy World Title?
Raymond Barneveld
34. Who is the only non-European ever to become world darts champion?
Tony David
35. Which professional darts player was known as The Glitter Man?
Bobby George
36. What is known as Annie’s room or the mad house in Darts?
Double One
37. Which top darts player is nicknamed “The Count”?
Ted Hankey
38. Eric Bristow was World Darts Champion in 1980, 1981, 1984, 1985 and 1986. Name either player that interrupted his winning streak?
Jockey Wilson – 1982; Keith Deller – 1983
39. After 180, what’s the highest checkout possible with three darts?
170 (Treble 20, Treble 20 & Bullseye)
40. True or False – OCHOPHOBIA is a fear of darts?
False – a fear of vehicles!


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