Feline Facts

1 What is advertised on TV by Tom the Dancing Cat?
2 Under what name has Yusef Islam recorded several chart hits?
3 What is the name of Penelope Pitstop’s car?
4 In 1976, which song topped the charts for the Dutch band Pussycat?
5 Which African country has a name that means “lion mountains”?
6 Which 80s band was fronted by Ben Volpierre?
7 What was the name of the ship’s cat in the sci-fi horror Alien?
8 What is the name of Postman Pat’s black and white cat?
9 Who played the role of Pussy Galore in Goldfinger?
10 What is the name of the talking feline companion of Sabrina the Teenage
11 Who wrote the book The Cat in the Hat?
12 In which film did Elizabeth Taylor play the role of Maggie Pollitt?
13 Which author penned the 1843 short story The Black Cat?
14 How was a feline named Amber otherwise known in the title of a 1978 family
15 What is the name of Geppetto’s cat in Pinocchio?
16 What was the name of the cross eyed lion in Daktari?
17 How are Ashley, Melody, Kimberley, Nicole, Carmit and Jessica collectively
18 What is the name of Dr Evil’s pet cat in the Austin Powers films?
19 Which animated film featured the song Everybody Wants to be a Cat?
20 Who voiced Puss in Boots in Shrek 2?
21 Which Disney film features a cat called Sergeant Tibbs?
22 When Michael Keaton played Batman, who played Catwoman?
23 Which cat lived next door to Hector in Hector’s House?
24 What is the name of the Flintstones sabre tooth pet cat?
25 What are the names of Top Cat’s five fellow gang members?

1 Bacardi Breezer
2 Cat Stevens
3 Compact Pussycat
4 Mississippi
5 Sierra Leone
6 Curiosity Killed the Cat
7 Jones
8 Jess
9 Honor Blackman
10 Salem
11 Dr Seuss
12 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
13 Edgar Allan Poe
14 The Cat from Outer Space
15 Figaro
16 Clarence
17 Pussycat Dolls
18 Mr Bigglesworth
19 The Aristocats
20 Antonio Banderas
21 101 Dalmatians
22 Michelle Pfeiffer
23 Zaza
24 Baby Puss
25 Fancy, Brains, Spook, Choo Choo and Benny the Ball


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