Scottish Quiz

1. Which legendary pirate was born in Greenock?
Captain Kidd
2. Which one of the following is a real place — Auchenshuggle, Auchenturroch, Auchenshaver or Auchternethy?
Auchenshuggle in Glasgow
3. We all know the alphabet has 26 letters, but which Scottish football club’s name also has 26 letters?
Inverness Caledonian Thistle
4. What special role does The Royal Company of Archers have in Scotland?
They’re the Queen’s official bodyguards
5. Which Scottish county is a boy’s name?
6. What are Prince Charles and his wife’s official Scottish titles?
The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay
7. What are Belties in the countryside?
Belted Galloway cattle
8. How many football clubs make up the Highland League?
9. What is the Scottish name for the wood grouse?
The capercaillie
10. Rearrange SO SAY NICE BARD FOLK to recall a popular TV and radio drama set in Scotland?
Dr Finlay’s Casebook
11. In 1978 Scotland got its first all-seater football stadium. Name it?
Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
12. Which man’s name comes from the Gaelic meaning “spear” or “javelin” — Barry, Bernard, Brendan or Brian?
13. Is Gowkthrapple something you should see a doctor about?
No, it’s a place in North Lanarkshire
14. What was Rob Roy MacGregor’s legitimate occupation?
He was a cattle dealer
15. Complete the name of this famous Scottish beach, The white sands of?
16. If a Scot was convicted of hamesucken in days gone by would he be guilty of selling property he didn’t own, assaulting someone in their own home, letting out sub-standard accommodation or squatting?
Assault on someone in their own home
17. Who is the marching leader of a pipe band — the pipe major or the drum major?
The drum major
18. If you’re a “gable endie” you come from which Scottish town?
Montrose – from when the streets were lined with gable-ended houses
19. Which Royal Bank of Scotland note has an illustration of Brodick Castle — £5, £10, £20 or £50?
20. Name four Scottish place names that begin and end with the same letter?
Helensburgh, Alloa, Elie, Kilmarnock, Wishaw, Nairn, etc (Quizmaster’s Geographical Knowledge!)
21. Which coat of arms features a bell, a tree, a fish and a bird?
22. What was the occupation of a Baxter in days gone by?
23. What was a dominie in Scotland in days gone by?
A schoolmaster
24. What’s the difference between a skean-dhu and a skean-occle?
The first is a dagger carried in the stocking in full Highland dress, the second is a dagger carried in the sleeve
25. What’s a Donald in the Scottish countryside?
A lowland hill with a height above 2000 feet (609.6m).
26. What is the Hielander’s Umbrella in Glasgow?
The bridge carrying the railway over Argyle Street. It was a favourite meeting place for people arriving from the Highlands
27. What is a roup in Scotland?
An auction
28. Which top Scottish rock band’s name means “from the womb” in Greek?
Del Amitri
29. Which Scottish banknote features Robert the Bruce on horseback against a background of Stirling Castle?
The Clydesdale Bank £20
30. Rearrange I BRING SALT LION to reveal a well-known Scottish football club?
Stirling Albion
31. Who owns Candacraig House in Aberdeenshire?
Billy Connolly
32. American rock star Prince had a chart hit with a song containing which Scottish town?
Paisley, as in Paisley Park
33. Does Cowcaddens in Glasgow have anything to do with cows?
Yes, it was once common grazing ground for cattle
34. Which boy’s name means “dark water” in Gaelic — David, Douglas, Derek, Damien or Darren?
35. Which modern day Scottish county takes its name from the Gaelic meaning “Coastland or boundary of the Gael”?
Argyll (Earra Ghaidheal)
36. In which sport do teams compete for the Camanachd Cup?
Shinty – Camanachd is another name for shinty, from the stick or caman used
37. Which is taller — The Wallace Monument or The Scott Monument?
The Wallace Monument is taller at 220 feet. The Scott Monument is 200 feet tall
38. The Isle of Lewis takes it name from a Gaelic word meaning — a) rocky, b) barren, c) marshy or d) beautiful?
Marshy, from Leodhas
39. Which Royal Bank of Scotland note has Edinburgh Castle on the back?
40. Why was Rabbie Burns thrown out of the pub?
Because he was Bard! (Sorry – couldn’t resist!)

(Originally compiled & published 210106 – Quiztime Vaults)


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