Halloween Multiple Choice

1. What is placed on a window ledge or hung by the door to protect the home from the evil Halloween spirits,
a) A Turnip b) A Pumpkin or c) A Swede
Answer b) A Pumpkin

2. Which British island is the home of the giant ghost dog, Moddy Dhu.
a) Isle of Man b) Isle of White or c) Isle of Skye
Answer a) Isle of Man

3. On which night of the week do witches traditionally hold their meetings,
a) Wednesday b) Friday or c) Saturday
Answer b) Friday

4. If armed with a silver bullet what mythical creature must you be expecting to meet,
a) Vampire b) Bogey-Man or c) Werewolf
Answer c) Werewolf

5. According to Bram Stoker, in which English town did Count Dracula arrive by ship, packed in a coffin, filled with his native Transylvanian earth,
a) Whitby b) Fleetwood or c) Dover
Answer a) Whitby

6. In which part of the world did Voodoo’ magic originate,
a) The Carribean b) West Africa or c) South America
Answer b) West Africa

7. In which modern-day country would you find Transylvania,
a) Bulgaria b) Hungary or c) Romania
Answer c) Romania

8. How many films were there in the ‘Poltergeist’ series,
a) Two b) Three or c) Four
Answer b) Three

9. A copy of which execution device, called ‘The Death Row Shocker’ was installed at Blackpool Pleasure Beach,
a) Guillotine b) Gas Chamber or c) Electric Chair
Answer c) Electric Chair

10. Pilliwinks were an instrument of torture, that squeezed which parts of the body until they were eventually crushed,
a) Fingers b) Toes or c) Ears
Answer a) Fingers

11. The Final Conflict was the last film of the series – what was the first,
a) Carrie b) The Omen or c) The Shining
Answer b) The Omen

12. Which film company produced the Dracula and Frankenstein films starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee,
a) Lucas Films b) Hand Made films or c) Hammer
Answer c) Hammer – House of Horrors!

13. Which film character was played by Lan Chaney in 1925,
a) Phantom of the Opera b) Baron Frankenstein or c) Count Dracula
Answer a) Phantom of the Opera

14. Michael Myers is the central character of which film series,
a) Friday the Thirteenth b) Halloween or c) Scream
Answer b) Halloween

15. From which shrub is a supposed remedy for bruising extracted,
a) Foxglove b) Deadly Nightshade or c) Witch Hazel
Answer c) Witch Hazel

16. What name is given to a snack of prunes wrapped in bacon.
a) Devils on Piggyback b) Devils on Horseback or c) Devils on Hogsback
Answer b) Devils on Horseback

17. According to ‘Voodoo’ religion how many souls does each person have,
a) Two b) Three or c) Seven
Answer a) Two

18. The ghost of which wife of Henry VIII has been seen many times gliding through the Tower of London, where she was beheaded in 1536,
a) Jane Seymour b) Catherine of Arragon or c) Anne Boleyn
Answer c) Anne Boleyn

19. What is the name of Shakespeare’s ghost that haunts Macbeth,
a) Banshee b) Banqo or c) Lucifer
Answer b) Banqo

20. In ancient Egypt, how many demons were present at the judgement of a dead persons soul
a) 22 b) 32 or c) 42
Answer c) 42


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