The Italian word for ‘pine eye’ is also the name of which famous film – Pinocchio
In what year were the Grammy awards first awarded – 1959
What is the only silent film to win the Best Picture award at the Oscars – Wings
In what year were the first Nobel prizes awarded – 1901
In what year did Ruth Ellis become the last woman to be hanged in England – 1955
Right or Wrong: In space it is impossible to cry: – Right
In what decade did the building of the Berlin wall begin – 1960s
If penultimate means next to last, what is the correct word for second to last – Antepenultimate
In what year did London’s last tram run – 1932, 1942 or 1952 – 1952
Which American President was shot in 1901 and died 8 days later – McKinley
In the year 1900, what was the average age at death of people in America – 47
How many suicides are recorded in the Bible – 0, 1 or 7 – 7
Which of the characters in the ‘Wizard of Oz’ would most accurately fit the description of ‘Vacuous’ – The Scarecrow, Tin Man or Lion – Scarecrow
How much did the USA pay Russia for Alaskan territory in 1867 – 7,200,000 dollars
What is telesphobia the fear of – Being last
Which is older – Stonehenge in England or the Colosseum in Rome – Stonehenge
What is the only letter of the alphabet which does not appear in any of the names of the 50 American states – Q
Right or Wrong: ‘copyrightable’ is the longest word in the English language that can be written without repeating a letter – Wrong
Which current American state was called Franklin until 1796 – Tennessee
What was the first product to have a barcode – Chewing gum, washing up powder or cigarettes – Chewing gum
Right or Wrong: Slugs don’t have noses – Wrong
Right or Wrong: Taphephobia is the fear of losing your teeth – Wrong
Right or Wrong: Clinophobia is the fear of beds – Right
Right or Wrong : Thomas Edison who invented the lightbulb was afraid of the dark – Right
Which tough-guy actor sang ‘I Talk to the Trees’ in the 1970 film ‘Paint Your Wagon’ – Clint Eastwood
According to Elvis Presley, where was Heartbreak Hotel situated – At the end of lonely street
In the 1998 version of ‘The Parent Trap’, the meddlesome twin sisters were both played by Lindsay Lohan. Who played them in the classic Walt Disney original – Hayley Mills
In ‘Planet of the Apes’, which planet does astronaut Charlton Heston actually find himself on – Earth
How many ‘Dirty Harry’ films starred Clint Eastwood – 5
In which film does the character Travis Bickle appear – Taxi Driver
‘The Trolley Song’, ‘Under the Bamboo Tree’ and ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ are songs featured in which classic musical – Meet me in St Louis
Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts appear as love rivals in which 90’s romantic comedy – My Best Friends Wedding
How many bottles were washed up on the shore according to the rock band, the Police – One hundred million
With which Edith Piaf song did Grace Jones have a hit in 1986 – La Vie En Rose
‘OK Computer’, ‘Pablo Honey’ and ‘Kid A’ are all albums by which British band – Radiohead
In music, how has sometimes been called the ‘thin white duke’ – David Bowie
Which famous singer was originally cast in the 1968 film ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, but eventually cut out because the film’s makers objected to the think bandage on his head covering a cyst – Phil Collins
Tony Orlando was the lead singer with which band – Dawn
What was Bryan Adams’ first UK number one single – Everything I Do I Do It For You
What creature appears on the flag of Wales – A dragon
Which singer formed Vinegar Joe in 1971, joined The Power Station in 1985 and also had success as a solo artist – Robert Palmer
Which king was the target of the Gunpowder plot of 1605 – James I
Who’s 1981 debut album was called ‘Boy’ – U2
Which Shakespeare play features the characters Shylock and Portia – The Merchant Of Venice
Who played Eliza Doolittle in the film ‘My Fair Lady’ – Audrey Hepburn
Who played Rita’s tutor in the film ‘Educating Rita’ – Michael Caine
Which TV medical drama was set in Oxbridge General Hospital – Emergency Ward 10
Who realeased the 1985 hit album ‘Reckless’ – Bryan Adams

In 1983, what became the Eurythmics first UK top ten single – Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
What was the Eurythmics first UK number one single – There Must Be An Angel
Why was Scottish footballer Willie Johnstone sent home from the 1978 World Cup – For taking drugs
In folklore, who is the king of the elves and fairies – Oberon
Who released the album ‘Wednesday Morning’ in 1964 – Simon and Garfunkel
Which groups first UK top ten hit was ‘Follow You, Follow Me’ in 1978 – Genesis
Which band had a UK number one hit single with ‘I’m A Believer’ in 1967 – The Monkees
On which Greek island was a famous sculpture with no arms found in 1820 – Milos
Which European capital was once known as Christiania – Oslo
What is the largest city in China, which is thought to be the most densely populated area in the world – Shanghai
In total, how many gold medals did Carl Lewis win in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics – 7
In which city is Tianamen Square where over 1,000 demonstraters were killed in 1989 – Beijing
In which Shakespeare play does the phrase ‘to be or not to be’ appear – Hamlet
What was the original function of the Leaning Tower of Pisa – A bell tower
In what mountain range is Mount Everest – The Himalayas
In which country did chess originate in the 2nd century – India
Who reached number 7 in the UK charts in 1972 with the single ‘Layla’ – Eric Clapton
Which comedian plays the character of Paul Calf on television – Steve Coogan
In what decade was London bridge transported from England to America – 1970s
Which band had a UK number 2 hit in 1967 with ‘Hole In My Shoe’, which was covered in 1985 by Neil from the TV show ‘The Young Ones’ – Traffic
In which month in 1914, did Britain declare war on Germany – August
In which American state is the west coast city of Tampa – Florida
Devil’s apron and purple laver are types of what – Cactus, Seaweed or Onion – Seaweed
Which country had a parliament called the Duma – Russia
Which music hall entertainer was known as the ‘Prime Minister Of Mirth’ – George Robey
Which band had UK top ten singles with ‘Jump’, and ‘Why Can’t This Be Love’ – Van Halen
What type of geographical feature is Okeechobee in Florida – A lake
What river is known in Hungary as the Duna – The River Danube
Which famous novel was written in 1877 by Anna Sewell as a protest against cruelty to horses – Black Beauty
What is ‘Paille Maille’ from which the London street Pall Mall takes it’s name – A French game similar to croquet
How is the New Palace of Westminster better known – The Houses Of Parliament
Which building in London contains a slab on the floor marking the tomb of an ‘Unknown Warrior’ of World War I – Westminster Abbey
Who was the first British monarch to choose Buckingham Palace as their home – Queen Victoria
Which famous person in history had a horse called Bucephalus – Alexander The Great
Which famous person in history had a horse called Marengo – Napolean
Which novel by Enid Bagnold is about a girl who races her horse in the Grand National – National Velvet
Who wrote ‘Black Beauty’ in 1877 – Anna Sewell
Who wrote the poem ‘Venus and Adonis’ – William Shakespeare
In which century did Louis XIV begin ruling France – 17th
Appointed by Bill Clinton in 1993, Louis J. Freeh became the director of which organisation – The FBI
Appointed by Theodore Roosevelt in 1909, who was the first director of the FBI – Stanley W Finch
How is trinitrotoluene better known – TNT
Nicknamed Charles the Fat, of which European country did Charles II rule between the years 884 and 887 – France
John Major became a member of Parliament in 1979 for which town, north of London – Huntingdon
In 1943, about 5,000 lives were lost due to flooding in which country – India
Which of the following has the most calories – A medium sized boiled egg, one teaspoon of butter or half a grapefruit – A medium sized boiled egg
Who, in 1996, became the first actress to be paid 10 million dollars for a role in a film and what was the film – Julia Roberts in Mary Reilly
Which actress provided the voices for Jane and Brooke Shields in the 1999 films ‘Tarzan’ and ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut’ – Minnie Driver

In what century was Joan of Arc born – 15th
Which Dire Straits album was the bestselling album in the UK in the 1980s – Brothers In Arms
The soundtrack to which film was the best selling album in the UK in 1992 – The Bodyguard
The soundtrack to which film was the best selling album in the UK in 1978 – Saturday Night Fever
Which female singer was born Eilleen Regina Edwards – Shania Twain
Which group had the bestselling album in the UK in 1981 with ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’ – Adam And The Ants
Which actress was born Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra – Meg Ryan
Which European University has more students than any other in the world – The University Of Paris
How old was Tiger Woods when he first won the British Open Golf Tournament – 24
Who played James Bond in the film ‘You Only Live Twice’ – Sean Connery
What was the name of the blind Benedictine monk who invented Champagne – Dom Perignon
In which city in England is the National Railway Museum – York
For what film did Julia Roberts first receive a best actress nomination at the Oscars – Pretty Woman
What replaced Calcutta as the capital of India in 1912 – Delhi
Which famous musician narrated the adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine on British television – Ringo Starr
Which actress was nominated for a best actress Oscar for her performance in the 1995 film ‘Casino’ – Sharon Stone
Which sport would you be playing if competing for the Ryder Cup – Golf
In the highway code, what shape are signs which give orders – Circular
Which Beatle’s album was the bestselling album in the 1960s in the UK – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Which country did athlete Donovan Bailey represent at the Olympics – Canada
Which group had a hit album in 1977 with ‘Arrival’ – Abba
Who had a hit album in 1973 with ‘Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only The Piano Player’ – Elton John
Which female singer had the bestselling album in the UK in 1982 with ‘Love Songs’ – Barbra Streisand
In what year did Roger Bannister first break the 4 minute mile barrier – 1954
What is the sum of the internal angles of any triangle – 180 degrees
What was the name of Kylie Minogue’s debut album – Kylie
Which actress starred in the films ‘Addicted To Love’, ‘City Of Angels’ and ‘Courage Under Fire’ – Meg Ryan
In which year was the Ryder Cup golf tournament launched – 1927
Which female singer had the bestselling album in the UK in 1998 called ‘Falling Into You’ – Celine Dion
Which female singer had the bestselling album in the UK in 1999 called ‘Come On Over’ – Shania Twain
What was the title of the Spice Girls’ debut album – Spice
Which American football team play their home games at the Ralph Wilson Stadium – Buffalo Bills
Which actress starred in the films ‘Scarface’, ‘One Fine Day’ and ‘Batman Returns’ – Michelle Pfeiffer
Which solo artist had the second and third best-selling albums of the 1980s in the UK – Michael Jackson
Which actress starred in ‘The Pelican Brief’ and ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’ – Julia Roberts
Which actress appeared in the films ‘Get Shorty’, ‘Ruthless People’ and ‘The First Wives Club’ – Bette Midler
Who designed the Royal Pavillion in Brighton – John Nash
What sporting event was won by Antonio Pinto in 1997 and 2001 and by Dionicio Ceron in 1994 and 1995 – The London Marathon
Which of the following actresses appeared in the film ‘Top un’ – Meg Ryan, Michelle Pfeiffer or Helen Hunt – Meg Ryan
Which female singer had a 1990 hit album called ‘The Immaculate Collection’ – Madonna
In which year did Simon and Garfunkel release their album ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ – 1970, 1973 or 1975 – 1970
Which of Michael Jackson’s albums sold most copies in the UK – ‘Thriller’ or ‘Bad’ – Bad
In which country was authour Isaac Asimov born – Russia
Which of the following countries has the most University Students – India, China or France – India

Whose resignation eventually landed Sven Goran Ericsson the job as manager of the England football team – Kevin Keegan
How many characters are there in the Russian alphabet – 33
Which theatre in London was originally called the Waldorf – The Strand
What is a group of geese called – A gaggle
Which British golfer was Europe’s leading money earner in 1997 – Colin Montgomerie
How many points do you get for a field goal in American football – 3
Which 1980 horror film which spawned a number of sequels was directed by Sean S Cunningham – Friday The 13th
What is the name given to a young lion – A cub
Which TV presenter released their autobiography ‘Fools Rush In’ in the year 2000 – Anthea Turner
Ailurophobia is the fear of which type of animal – Cats
Which singer received 6 nominations at the Brit Awards in 2001, but didn’t win a single prize – Craig David
‘When Will I See You Again’ was a number one hit in 1974 for which group – The Three Degrees
Out of the 20 highest mountains in America, 17 are in which state – Alaska
What name is used to describe a group of crows – A tinker, a murder or a darren – A murder
In which film did Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall first star together – To Have And Have Not
In which European country is the city of Strasbourg – France
Muhammed Ali, Cher, Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan have all admitted to suffering from the fear of what – Flying
Which cartoon show included characters called Thelma and Shaggy – Scooby Doo
After being accused of sexism, which politician said in 2000, ‘A macho man – Moi’ John Prescott
The first ever jukebox was installed at the Palais Royal Hotel in San Francisco in what year – 1899
Which baseball star did Marilyn Monroe marry in January, 1954 – Joe DiMaggio
Which canal links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans – The Panama Canal
Which American state is sometimes called ‘The Last Frontier’ and ‘The Land Of The Midnight Sun’ – Alaska
Which sign of the Zodiac is represented by the goat – Capricorn
Which three piece band were Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce members of – Cream
Which band were accused of poll rigging in 1999, when they won the Brit award for best newcomer – Belle and Sebastian
In which Formula One team did Damon Hill replace Nigel Mansell – Williams
What is the name given to a young whale – A calf
Right or wrong: Metathesiophobia is the fear of hairdressers – Wrong
In what year did Laika the dog become the first space traveller – 1957
Which two songs featured on the Beatles only single between 1963 and 1969 that failed to reach the top of the charts – Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever
What is the name given to a young eagle – An eaglet
In the year 2000, how much of a fine did Ann Widecombe propose for the possession of cannabis – 100 pounds
What is the name given to the beam placed above a window or door – Lintel
Which quiz show often featured the line ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish’ – Magnus Magnusson
In 1956, who became the first actor to be nominated for an Oscar posthumously – James Dean
In 1990, which Irish singer became the first artist to refuse a Grammy award – Sinead O’Connor
How did Victor Meldrew die in the last episode of ‘One Foot in the Grave’ – He was knocked down by a hit and run driver
What was the name of the first artificial satellite which the Soviets sent into orbit in 1957 – Sputnik 1
What is the largest poisonous snake in Africa – Black Mamba
In the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, what is the partridge in a pear tree said to symbolise – Jesus Christ
What colour is an emerald – Green
What is the most common place name in Britain – Newton
What is Paul McCartney’s middle name – Paul
What was unusual about the role that won Linda Hunt a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the film ‘The Year Of Living Dangerously’ – The character she played was male
Who was the lead singer with the band Thin Lizzy – Phil Lynott
What is a group of chickens called – A brood

In 1965, who became country music’s first female millionaire – Loretta Lynn
What is photophobia a fear of – Light
What was the profession of Mastermind winner Fred Housego – Taxi Driver – London cabby
What does a Herpetologist study – Reptiles
What is the name given to a young goat – A kid
Who starred in the film ‘Enter The Dragon’ – Bruce Lee
What is the real name of the comedian who plays the character of Ali G – Sacha Baron Cohen
Byzantium is an ancient name for which city – Istanbul
Heliophobia is the fear of what – The sun
In which religion is the god Brahma found – Hinduism
Which group had a hit first with ‘Sweets for My Sweet’ – The Searchers
Which famous actress once said ‘I’ve been in more laps than a napkin’ – Mae West
What word can be used to describe a group of Kangaroos or Baboons – A troop
In what year did William Gillette invent the safety razor – 1895
According to the Bible, whose hair did Delilah cut, taking his strength away from him – Samson
In which country was actor Arnold Schwarzenegger born – Austria
Which planet was discovered in 1930 and has only one known satellite called Charon – Pluto
What company was founded by Parisian chemistry student Eugene Schuller in 1907, creating a dye to cover grey hair with natural looking colours – L’Oreal
Callisto, Europa, Ganymede and Io are 4 of the 16 moons of which planet – Jupiter
What is trichology the study of – Hair, Bones or Fingernails – Hair
Which is Britain’s oldest cathedral – Canterbury
Who played the title role in the TV series ‘Worzel Gummidge’ – Jon Pertwee
What surname is common to the infamous resident of Rillington Place and the 1992 men’s Olympic 100m champion – Christie
For what was Rosa Parks arrested in 1955, leading to the biggest US Civil Rights movement – Refusing to give up her seat on a bus for a white man
What surname is common to the inventor of vulcanised rubber and an actress in ‘Coronation Street’ – Goodyear
In which year were three points for a win introduced into the English football league – 1981
In 1968, which English footballer became the first to be sent off in an international match – Alan Mullery
Which goalkeeper has played both football and cricket at international level for Scotland – Andy Goram
Which football club did Kenny Dalglish leave in 1977 to join Liverpool – Celtic
The fandango is a national dance of which country – Spain
In the TV comedy series ‘Red Dwarf’, what letter does Rimmer have on his forehead – H
Which 1971 novel by William Blatty was later turned into a famous horror film – The Exorcist
Called Tabula in medieval Europe, Tables in England, and Tric-Trac in France and Germany, by what name was this popular game now known – Backgammon
Born in Paris in 1840, who was regarded as the leader of the 19th century impressionist art movement – Claude Monet
In the French language, when is ‘le soir’ – In the evening
Which band released the album ‘Second Coming’ in 1994, five years after their debut album – The Stone Roses
The Scandanavian pop group Aqua had a hit single about which doctor – Dr Jones
What nationality are the rock groups the Stereophonics and Catatonia – Welsh
What is name of the Scottish ball game, similar to hockey, in which a player would use a caman to hit the ball – Shinty
Which team knocked England out of the 1986 World Cup finals – Argentina
In which year were the Samaritans founded – 1953
Who wrote the 1976 novel ‘Interview With The Vampire’ – Anne Rice
Which famous singer is an anagram of ‘No I Decline’ – Celine Dion
What was the name of the bomb which was dropped on Nagasaki during World War II – Fat Man
‘Weir of Hermiston’ is the unfinished work of which author – Robert Louis Stevenson
Fat Tuesday is another name for what event – Mardi Gras
By what name was the Allied operation against Iraq in the Gulf war of 1991 known – Desert Storm
What is the name of the official London residence of the Queen Mother – Clarence House
Whose official residence is Lambeth Palace in London – The Archbishop of Canterbury

What was the name of IBMs computer which famously beat Gary Kasparov at chess in 1997 – Deep Blue
At which event in the 1968 Olympics did Dick Fosbury win with a radical new technique – The High Jump
On which famous award do the two words ‘For Valour’ appear – The Victoria Cross
What famous discovery took place in 1922 in the Valley of Kings near Luxor in Egypt – King Tutankhamen’s tomb
Who plays the title role in the TV series ‘A Touch Of Frost’ – David Jason
In which country did the sport of ice-hockey originate – Canada
What surname is common to the director of the film ‘Tommy’ and the first CND President – Russell
Which sport would you associate with Bobby Orr, Maurice Richard and Wayne Gretzky – Ice hockey
Which war was called the ‘War to end all wars’ – World War I, World War II or The American Civil War – World War I
What surname is common to the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1961 to 1974 and an ex-England football manager – Ramsey
With what game would you associate Bobby Fischer – Chess
Which English league football team play at Ashton Gate – Bristol City
What character did actor Jerry Lacey play in the film ‘Play It Again, Sam’ – Humphrey Bogart
The first Opium War was a conflict between which two nations – Great Britain and China
Which architect, famous for his seventeenth-century stage designs, is sometimes known as the ‘English Palladio’ – Inigo Jones
The brightest star in the night sky and one of the closest to Earth is often called the Dog Star, but what is it’s official name – Sirius
Who played the title role in the TV show ‘Queenie’s Castle’ – Diana Dors
Which British Prime Minister merged the British and Irish Parliaments in 1801 – William Pitt
Which actress played the title role in the TV series ‘Foxy Lady’ – Diane Keen
Which New York bridge, completed in 1883, was designed by John Augustus Roebling – Brooklyn Bridge
Which English league football team are nicknamed the ‘Millers’ – Rotherham
In the TV series ‘Red Dwarf’, what is the name of the ship’s computer – Holly
Who played Dr Grant in the film ‘Jurassic Park’ – Sam Neill
Which Scottish band had a hit album in 1999 with ‘The Man Who’ – Travis
In the game of chess, what type of piece is involved in the move ‘en passant’ – Pawn
Which famous artist painted the ‘Water Lilies’ – Monet
Who wrote the 1995 novel ‘Rose Madder’ – Stephen King
Who was Prime Minister for France in 1974 to 1976 and 1986 to 1988 and became President of France in 1995 – Jacques Chirac
Which Guns N Roses song did the band Texas cover in 1992 – Sweet Child O’ Mine
In which country was Martina Hingis born – Switzerland
What is sold by a costermonger – Fruit
What is the diameter of a puck used in ice-hockey – 3 inches, 4 inches or 5 inches – 3 inches
How heavy is a puck used in ice hockey – 4 ounces, 6 ouces or 9 ounces – 6 ounces
What nationality was Edvard Munch, the expressionist painter – Norwegian
Who was responsible for the introduction of the penny post in Britain in 1840 – Sir Rowland Hill
How long is a hockey pitch – 60 yards, 80 yards or 100 yards – 100 yards
What nationality was the composer Bela Bartok – Hungarian
What is the chemical symbol for the element Plutonium – Pu
In which country did Venetian blinds originate – Italy, India or Japan – Japan
Which common English word was derived fron the Greek for ‘dip’ ,as in ‘dipping in water’ and so on – Baptise
In which famous French palace will you find the Hall of Mirrors – Versailles
Which football league team was beaten 9-0 by Liverpool in 1992 – Crystal Palace
In 1898, which nation fought Spain in one of the most one-sided wars in modern history – USA
What was the surname of Wendy and her brothers in ‘Peter Pan’ – Darling
Which footballer scored the first ever goal in the English Premiership – Brian Deane
What was Robbie Williams first solo top ten single called – Freedom
What girls name appears in the title of two David Bowie top ten singles – one in 1972 and one in 1984 – Jean

In what year did Marilyn Monroe famously sing ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ to John F Kennedy – 1962
What was the name of the cult that Charles Manson was head of which killed at least seven people – Helter Skelter
Which athlete broke the women’s 100m record in 1988 by recording a time of 10.49 seconds – Florence Griffith-Joyner
Which artist tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in 1890, but didn’t succeed until he tried again two days later – Vincent Van Gogh
Which comon word was first coined at the start of the 20th Century by Czech playwright Karel Capek and is derived from a word meaning ‘menial labour’ – Robot
What was the name of Henri Matisse’s scultpure which sold for over 14 million dollars in May, 2000 – La Serpentine
Which England based animation studio received 6 consecutive Oscar nominations for Best Short Animated Film – Aardman Animation
Which long running television show originally featured as a series of 30 second features on ‘The Tracey Ullman Show’ in America in 1987 – The Simpsons
Other than Great Britain, how many countries have stamps which do not feature the countries name – None
What is a ‘Treskilling Yellow’, which was sold at an auction for over 2 million dollars in 1996 – A stamp
Right or wrong: In America, on 1st January, 2001, over 3,700 prisoners were under sentence of death – Right
How many films did Marilyn Monroe make – 7, 15 or 30 – 30
At what age did Marilyn Monroe die – 36
Which character has been played on screen by Tyrone Power and Alain Denoin – Zorro
In ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, what was the Scarecrow looking for – A brain
What does VHS stand for as used in video tapes and recorders – Video Home System
What is the only American state with a name which has just one syllable – Maine
Who was the first woman to be shot by the FBI – Bonnie Parker
According to the song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, how many gifts in total did my true love give to me – 364
The escalator installed in Britain was in the department store Harrods in what year – 1878
Who killed who in the first live televised murder in 1963 – Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald
Little Jackie Paper was the human friend of which famous fictional character – Puff the Magic Dragon
What word associated with Christmas could be illustratied by ‘ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ’ – Noel
Point Barrow is the northernmost point of which country – USA
Who created the Peanuts comic strip – Charles M Schultz
The characters Bert and Ernie from Sesame street were named after a policeman and taxi driver from what famous film – It’s A Wonderful Life
In what year was the first English translation of the Bible completed – 1388
In what year were the Academy Awards for film first televised – 1953
Which famous artist’s career stretched from 1895 to his death in 1973 – Pablo Picasso
How many steps are there to the top of the Eiffel Tower – 1792
Which cartoonist published the ‘Far Side’ cartoons – Gary Larson
Who was the first American President to die while in office – William Harrison
What song does Humphrey Bogart’s character famously ask Sam to play in the film ‘Casablanca’ – As Time Goes By
What is the more common name for anthropophagy – Cannibalism
In the Bible, are there more chapters in the Old Testament or in the New Testament – The Old Testament
In which year did the last public execution by guillotine take place in France – 1939
Who was the first American President to visit China – Richard Nixon
In what year did the first human heart transplant take place – 1967
Who was the dance the ‘Lindy Hop’ named after – Charles Linbergh
By what name is Martha Jane Canary better known – Calamity Jane
In the film ‘Casablanca’, how many times does Humphrey Bogart say ‘Play it again Sam’ – Never
In what year did American President Richard Nixon resign from office – 1974
Where in New York is the largest stained-glass window in the world – At Kennedy International Airport
Who patented the sewing machine in 1851 – Isaac Singer
For what reason did American Sally Ride become famous in 1983 – First American female in space

Which 1963 film had a budget of 44 million dollars which if adjusted for inflation would make it one of the most expensive films ever made – Cleopatra
Which famous person in history invented the greeting, ‘Hello’ first used for answering the telephone – Thomas Edison
In what year did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour – 1941
In what year did Disneyland open – 1942, 1955 or 1966 – 1955
Which two boxers were involved in the ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ in 1974 – Muhammed Ali and George Foreman
Which country, other than England, has a city called London on a river called the Thames – Canada
By how many days did Amundsen beat Scott to become the first person to reach the South Pole – 35
In what year did the London Underground begin operations – 1863
In which film did Al Pacino portray ’60 minutes’ producer Lowell Bergman – The Insider
In which film did Al Pacino play the character of Tony Montana – Scarface
What do the letters J and K stand for in the authour J. K. Rowling’s name – Joanne Kathleen
In which country did the ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman take place in 1974 – Zaire
Which four tournaments make up the golf ‘majors’ – The British Open, the US Open, the US Masters and the US PGA
Invented in Germany by Margaret Steiff, what type of toy would an arctophile collect – Teddy Bears
Which element has the chemical symbol ‘As’ – Arsenic
Which element has the chemical symbol ‘N’ – Nitrogen
What is Michelangelo’s last name – Buonarrotti
In what city is the Kentucky Derby held – Louisville
The American states of Missouri and Tennessee both border how many other American states – 8
How many stories make up the ‘Canterbury Tales’ – 24
Who wrote ‘The Canterbury Tales’ – Geoffrey Chaucer
Who directed the film ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ – Chris Columbus
Who played a bisexual bank robber in the 1975 film ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ – Al Pacino
In what year did Roald Amundsen become the first man to reach the South Pole – 1911
At the beginning of the novel ‘Les Miserables’ Jean Valjean had just been released from prison after serving 19 years for what crime – Stealing a loaf of bread
In computing, what does CPU stand for – Central processing unit
Who said ‘The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.’ – Albert Einstein
Who is the first character to speak in the film ‘Star Wars’ – C3P0
In which American city is the largest settlement of Chinese people outside of Asia – San Francisco
What is the most common gas in the air we breathe – Oxygen, Hydrogen or Nitrogen – Nitrogen
What is the only bird that can swim but not fly – The penguin
How many tiles are used in a game of Scrabble – 100
In ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, what was the Tin Man looking for – A heart
In 1988 Penny Marshall became the first female director to have a film take more than 100 million dollars at the box office. What was the film – Big
In the Bible’s book of Revelations, what are the names given to the four horsemen of the apocalypse – Conquest, Slaughter, Famine and Death
Which five American states border on the Gulf of Mexico – Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas
Broadcast in 1983 ,’Goodbye, Farewell and Amen’ was the name of the last episode of which American TV series – MASH
In July 2000, what became the fastest selling book in history – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
What is the only county in England to have two separate coasts – Devon
With which sport is the Fosbury Flop associated – High Jump
Who was the first divorced man to become American President – Ronald Reagan
Which cartoon character lives at 1313 Webfoot Walk – Donald Duck
Who hit the first golf ball on the moon – Alan Shepard
Attu Island is the most western point of which country – USA
What was the common age of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison when they died – 27
What is the name of the sorceror in the Disney film ‘Fantasia’ – Yensid
Which of Henry VIII’s children reigned in England for 44 years – Elizabeth I

What is the third book of the old testament – Leviticus
What was the number of the Apollo mission that first landed on the moon – 11
Which pop star played Adrian Mole’s mother on TV – Lulu
According to the nursery rhyme, if little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice, what are little boys made of – Frogs and snails and puppy dogs’ tails
What is a perfect score in ten-pin bowling – 300
According the the nursey rhyme, what was Little Miss Muffet eating – Curds and Whey
Which TV show featured the character of DS Jane Penhaligon – Cracker
Born in Budapest in 1874, by what name was Erich Weiss better known – Harry Houdini
Who is generally referred to as being the first serial killer of all time – Jack The Ripper
What was the name of the play being watched by Abraham Lincoln when he was assassinated – Our American Cousin
Which popular salad gets it’s name from the New York hotel where it was first made – Waldorf
According to the nursery rhyme, if the third little piggy had roast beef, what did the fourth have – None
Who played the villain Howard Payne in the film ‘Speed’ – Dennis Hopper
According to the nursery rhyme, what was the only song that Tom, the Piper’s son could play – Over the hills and far away
What is the highest mountain in the Alps – Mont Blanc
Which Scottish city lies between the mouths of the rivers Dee and Don – Aberdeen
Which famous fictional character kept his tobacco in the toe of a Persian slipper – Sherlock Holmes
In the nursery rhyme, what was Jack’s head mended with after he fell down the hill – Vinegar and Brown Paper
Which cartoon character came from Mexico and was the fastest mouse in the world – Speedy Gonzales
In which year was the Irish political party, Sinn Fein formed – 1905
Who plays the detective ‘Columbo’ on TV – Peter Falk
Jessica Tandy won the best Actress Oscar in 1989 for which film – Driving Miss Daisy
Who wrote the play ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ – Tennessee Williams
Which ex-West Ham football manager is the father in law of pop star Louise – Harry Redknapp
Still showing today, what was the first ever programme to be televised on Channel 4 – Countdown
Which footballer was England’s first black player – Viv Anderson
In what year did it become compulsory to wear seat belts in the front seat of a car – 1983
What was the title of Cher’s first solo number one hit in the UK – The Shoop Shoop Song
By what name is St. Stephens Day better known – Boxing Day
Which literary character travelled around the world in 80 days with Pass Partout – Phileas Fog
On which of Shakespeare’s plays was the musical ‘Kiss Me Kate’ based – The Taming Of The Shrew
Which comedian wrote the book and the play called ‘Popcorn’ – Ben Elton
Which country was once called Rhodesia – Zimbabwe
In which city is Marco Polo airport – Venice
Which TV series was set in Kirby Newtown – Z Cars
Which animal is associated with the beginning of an MGM film – A lion
Who was the British Prime Minister at the outbreak of the Second World War – Neville Chamberlain
Who won six World Professional Snooker Championships in the 1970s – Ray Reardon
In what year did ‘Eastenders’ first appear on television – 1985
Which alcoholic drink was advertised on TV by Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter – Cinzano
In which sport do people compete for the America’s Cup – Yachting
Which band had top ten hits in the 1960s with ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ and ‘We Gotta Get Out Of This Place’ – The Animals
Maverick, Goose, and Iceman are characters in which 1986 film – Top Gun
Which footballer won 88 caps for Northern Ireland and went on to manage Macclesfield Town – Sammy McIllroy
What name is given to a young hare – A leveret
Which British King wrote farming articles under the pseudonym Ralph Robinson – George III
What is the largest joint in the human body – The knee joint
Which famous American family live at 742 Evergreen Terrace – The Simpsons
Of the four different athletic jumping events included in the Olympics, which two are only performed by men – Pole vault and triple jump
By what name is the comic book character of Oswald Cobblepot better known – The Penguin

The name of which game means ‘I Play’ in Latin – Ludo
Who managed Englands 1966 world cup winning football team – Alf Ramsey
Which famous authour has also written several books using the pseudonym Richard Bachman – Stephen King
What is the name of the one-legged sailor with a parrot on his shoulder, and who is the main character in the book ‘Treasure Island’ – Long John Silver
In which country is the Simpson desert – Australia
On whose novels is the TV series ‘Inspector Morse’ based – Colin Dextor – Colin Dextor
Which island lies in the centre of Niagara Falls – Goat Island
The name of which type of people means ‘eaters of raw meat’ – Eskimoes
How many hurdles must a runner jump over in the 110m men’s hurdles race – 10
Right or Wrong: Most Eskimoes have fridges – Right
Who was British Prime Minister at the time of Elizabeth II’s Coronation – Winston Churchill
How long is a 10-pin bowling lane – 60 feet, 80 feet or 100 feet – 60 feet
In snooker, what is the lowest score that can be achieved by a player if he makes a full clearance in one visit to the table – 72
Which of the Bee Gees are twins – Maurice and Robin
Who played ‘The Bionic Woman’ – Lindsay Wagner
Behind the Nile and the Amazon, what is the third longest river in the world – The Mississippi
In the France 98 World Cup finals, what was true of all 22 players in the squads of England, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Spain, but of no others – They all played in their own country’s leagues
What are the names of the feuding families in Romeo and Juliet – Montague and Capulet
What is theophobia the fear of – God
What is the name given to someone who studies plants – Botanist
Which American rock star played a bus driver in the Spice Girls movie ‘Spiceworld’ – Meatloaf
In 1991, Anthony Hopkins won the best actor Oscar for his performance in what film – Silence Of The Lambs
Tequila used instead of vodka turns a Bloody Mary cocktail into what – A Bloody Maria
In what year did the first cricket Test match take place between Australia and England – 1877
With whom do Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock join forces to form the Ground Force – Tommy Walsh
Which football team used to play their home matches at Springfield Park and now play at the JJB Stadium – Wigan Athletic
Which actress starred opposite Michael Douglas in the 1984 film ‘Romancing The Stone’ – Kathleen Turner
Which battle of 1485 was the last in the War of the Roses – Bosworth Field
What was the name of the spiv played by James Beck in Dad’s Army – Private Walker
Who were the last team to win the FA Cup wearing red and white striped shirts – Sunderland
In computing, what does WYSIWYG stand for – What you see is what you get
Which of the following teams were not involved in the first football league in 1888 – Wolverhampton Wanderers, Blackpool or Everton – Blackpool
Who is the most capped English footballer of all time, with 125 caps – Peter Shilton
In what year was the first Barbie doll sold – 1959
What is the third letter of the Greek alphabet – Gamma
Which cartoon character had wings which were like ‘a shield of steel’ – Batfink
Which groups 1985 debut album was called ‘Wonderland’ – Erasure
What was the original name of Wembley Stadium – Empire Stadium
Which English football team was formerly known as Thames Ironworks – West Ham United
From which football club did Manchester buy Roy Keane – Nottingham Forest
In Greek legend, which King turned everything he touched into gold – King Midas
Which sea separates Saudi Arabia from Egypt and the Sudan – The Red Sea
In the cartoon series ‘The Simpsons’, what musical instrument does Lisa Simpson play – The saxophone
Alan White replaced Tony McCarroll as the drummer for which band – Oasis
Who played Alf Garnett in the TV series ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ – Warren Mitchell
The film ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ was based on a novel by whom – Thomas Harris
Who was the British king during World War I – George V
What was the name of the murder victim at the beginning of the TV series ‘Twin Peaks’ – Laura Palmer
Where were the 1988 summer Olympics held – Seoul

Who was the first man to swim the English channel – Matthew Webb
The 1989 film ‘The Lair Of The White Worm’ was based on a story by which author – Bram Stoker
What was the approximate population of the world in 1960 – 3 billion, 4 billion or 5 billion – 3 billion
What title was won by Caspians Intrepid in 1999 and Torums Scarf Michael in 2000 – Best is show at Crufts
Where were the 1984 summer Olympics held – Los Angeles
What is the chemical symbol for Tin – Sn
Boyzone had a hit with which Cat Stevens song – Father And Son
In golf, who was the first European to win the US Masters – Seve Ballesteros
In which country are Tivoli gardens – Denmark
Which band released the single ‘Hooligan’ in 1999 – Embrace
What feature did German film director Fritz Lang include for the first time in the film ‘The Woman in the Moon’ which has today become a standard part of space-launch protocol – The backward countdown
Which 1977 film was introduced by the words, ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far away…’ – Star Wars
In what year did Norwegian Johan Vaaler patent the paper clip – 1901
Which is longer, the Grand National or the University Boat Race – The Grand National
Which famous acting couple haD matching tatoos and wear locket’s on their necks containing each others blood – Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton
Who captained the submarine in Stingray – Troy Tempest
Which Bob Dylan song was taken to number 1 in the UK in 1965 by The Byrds – Mr Tambourine Man
What is the popular name for the antirrhinum – Snapdragon
What was the title of the modern film version of ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ starring Steve Martin – Roxanne
Who was the subject of the Mel Brooks film subtitled ‘Men in Tights’ – Robin Hood
What obstacle hindered the course of true love for Juliet Stevenson and Alan Rickman in the 1991 film ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ – She was alive, he was dead
In which 1985 thriller is a twisted character using a twisted blade revealed by a twisted character on his typewriter – Jagged Edge
Which vitamin improves the eye’s ability to see in the dark – Vitamin A
Which hit from the glory days of rock and roll contains the lyrics ‘When you left me all alone, at the record hop, told me you were going out for a soda pop’ – Lipstick On Your Collar
In what year was the Polaroid camera invented – 1947
What colour are the spots on Mr Blobby – Yellow
Who wrote the song ‘Jealous Guy’ – John Lennon
In Greek mythology, which beautiful youth fell in love with his own reflection – Narcissus
Which half of a famous comedy duo was born at Ulverston in the Lake District in 1890 – Stan Laurel
Who played Lord Flashheart in the TV series ‘Blackadder the Second’ – Rik Mayall
Which football team were the first side to win the Football League in 1888 – Preston
A canton, halyard and field make up what item – A flag
In the story of Jack and the Beanstalk what did Jack exchange for the beans from which the beanstalk grew – A cow
In which town in Mississippi is ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ by Mark Twain set – St Petersburg
Which famous duo began in a 1940 MGM short called ‘Puss Gets the Boot’ – Tom and Jerry
In what year did Roger Bannister become the first man to run the 4 minute mile – 1954
Who wrote A Severed Head (1961) and The Sea, The Sea (1978) – Iris Murdoch
What was Winston Churchill’s home in Kent called – Chartwell
In which TV comedy series sometimes featured a policeman called Roy Slater – Only Fools And Horses
Which member of the Royal Family was born on 19th February 1960 – Prince Andrew
Which Irish swimmer, accused by the Americans of cheating, won 3 Gold medals at the 1996 Olympics – Michelle Smith
What is the name of the football team Barcelona’s home stadium – The Nou Camp
Who was England’s top wicket taker during the 1992 Cricket World Cup – Ian Botham
How many players are there in a Handball team – 7
In which book of the Bible is the birth of Moses – Exodus
In what year did Queen Victoria die – 1901
How many Oscars did the 1993 film Schindler’s List receive – 7
Which successful British pop group got their name from part of the title of children’s tv show and part of a song by Roxy Music – Bananarama

The invention of what in 1867, made Alfred Nobel famous – Dynamite
How many feature films did Alfred Hitchcock direct which had only one word in the title – 15
Which famous actress provided the voice of Maggie in the TV show The Simpsons when she uttered her first word – Elizabeth Taylor
According to a 1998 poll of filmmakers conducted by the American Film Institute, what 1941 film ranked as the greatest film of all time – Citizen Kane
Who was born in Russia in 1877, moved to America and worked on make-up for films and in 1927 introduced the first cosmetics to be sold to non-theatrical customers – Max Factor
Which of the Rocky films was released in 1983 – Rocky III
Who was the first human to walk in space – Alexei Leonov
Which World Wrestling champion appeared in the films ‘Rocky III’, ‘Mr. Nanny’ and ‘Muppets From Space’ – Hulk Hogan
Mel Gibson, Whoopi Goldberg and R.E.M. have all made guest appearances on which children’s TV show – Sesame Street
Which Oscar winning actor provided the voice of Hopper in the film ‘A Bug’s Life’ – Kevin Spacey
Which actor provided the voice for Captain John Smith in the 1995 film ‘Pocohontas’ – Mel Gibson
What was the name of the 1980 comedy film about golf which spawned a sequel in 1988 – Caddyshack
In 1998, who did Bill Clinton agree to pay $850,000 to drop her sexual harrassment lawsuit – Paula Jones
What sport features in the films ‘He Got Game’ (1998), ‘Flubber’ (1997) and ‘Celtic Pride’ (1996) – Basketball
Who was author Ian Fleming’s original choice to play James Bond on film, but who couldn’t do it as he was already comitted to a TV series – Roger Moore
Who was the first American President to appear on a postage stamp – George Washington
Jodie Foster, Mel Brooks and Cindy Crawford have all lended their voices to phone callers on what TV sitcom – Frasier
Which authour’s real name was Charles Dodgson and was a mathematics instructor at Christ Church Oxford – Lewis Carroll
Who in real life has a father called Homer, a mother called Marge and sisters called Lisa and Maggie – Matt Groening
What was the name of the spacecraft which burst into flames on it’s ground-test in 1967, killing all three astronauts on board – Apollo I
What was the name of the British liner which exploded in 1962 killing over 200 people – Dara
In which film did actress Hayley Mills first appear – Tiger Bay
In Texas in 1996, half a million dollars was paid for a two-page letter written over a hundred years ago by who – Vincent Van Gogh
Bono from the band U2 paid over $50,000 dollars in 1994 for a suit worn by who in a 1940 film – Charlie Chaplin
Which sport is the 1988 film ‘Bull Durham’ centered around – Baseball
Exmoor, Welsh Mountain and Shetland are varieties of what type of animal – Pony
What TV show connects Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavnar and Yeardley Smith – The Simpsons
For what invention is Earl Silas Tupper best known – Tupperware
In Greek mythology is the winged horse Pegasus male or female – Male
In which sport would you go to a basho – Sumo Wrestling
Which country suffered over 6 million deaths in World War II, equivalent to over 17% of it’s population – Poland
In which country was actor Russell Crowe born – New Zealand
What 19973 film starred Ron Howard, Harrison Ford and Richard Dreyfuss – American Graffiti
Who directed the 1973 film ‘American Graffiti’ – George Lucas
Who created the TV series ‘The Simpsons’ – Matt Groening
What is the name given to someone who makes arrows – Fletcher
Which battle of 1746 ended the Jacobite revolution – Culloden
Who released albums called ‘Slowhand’, ‘Behind The Sun’ and ‘August’ – Eric Clapton
In what film did Russell Crowe make his American debut, appearing with Sharon Stone, Leonardo Di Caprio and Gene Hackman – The Quick And The Dead
Who wrote the opera from which the melody known as ‘Here comes the bride’ comes – Wagner
Which TV series had characters called Jack Rolfe, Ken Masters and Claude Du Pont – Howard’s Way
What are the only two planets in the solar system which do not have moons – Mercury and Venus
How many paintings did Vincent Van Gogh sell during his life – 1

Which Roman Goddess is also a brand of margarine – Flora
Who wrote ‘Ulysses’ and ‘A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man’ – James Joyce
‘Wichita Lineman’ was the first British top ten hit for who – Glen Campbell
In what year was the battle of Agincourt – 1415
Which band’s first single was ‘Running Free’ in 1980 – Iron Maiden
What was the name of Pulp’s first top ten hit single – Common People
In which year did John Major become leader of the Conservative party – 1990
From which country does the dish Enchilada come – Mexico
Scientist’s took the word ‘quark’ from the work of which authour – James Joyce
What are the three colours which make up the Dutch flag – Red, White and Blue
What do the letters ‘TT’ stand for in the Isle of Man TT race – Tourist Trophy
In the French game boules, what are the two things that a baguette is used for – Measuring distance and making marks on the ground
Which musical features the song ‘I could have danced all night’ – My Fair Lady
Who played Louise in the film ‘Thelma and Louise’ – Susan Sarandon
Who first crossed the English channel by aeroplane – Louis Bleriot
Which English King was publicly beheaded in front of his palace in 1649 – Charles I
In what decade was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated – 1940s
How many satellites does the planet Uranus have – 0, 5 or 15 – 15
What nationality was the artist Gustav Klimt – Austrian
Who wrote ‘Our Mutual Friend’ – Charles Dickens
Excluding jokers, how many playing cards are there in a standard pack – 52
Which of the following countries produces the most gold – Indonesia, South Africa or Peru – South Africa
In what year did Nicholas Hillyard become the first ever to be granted a patent, when he did so for engraving and printing the King’s head on documents – 1617
In cinema, what came first – sound or colour – Colour
Mariner 10 is the only space probe to fly past which planet, sending back pictures showing it to resembling the Earth’s moon – Mercury
Which word was used by Shakespeare in ‘Titus Andronicus’ and was later developed into the word ‘hello’ – Hollo
In what year did the first successful Mars landings take place – 1970, 1973 or 1976 – 1976
In 1970, who landed the first wheeled vehicle on the moon – Russia or the America – Russia
In 1978 who became the youngest man to win a Best Actor Oscar for his performance in ‘The Goodbye Girl’ – Richard Dreyfuss
What is the most abundant metal on earth – Aluminium
As in the music shop, what do the letters HMV stand for – His Masters Voice
In America, what became the 49th state to enter the union in 1959 – Alaska
The song ‘Good Morning To All’ written by the sisters Mildred and Patty Hill, was later adapted by Robert Coleman to become which famous song – Happy Birthday To You
In what year was the first bikini shown at a fashion show – 1946
What is the name given to a young bear – A cub
In 1901, who became the only US President not be sworn in on a Bible – Theodore Roosevelt
What do edentulous mammals not have – Teeth
How many feet are there in a mile – 5,280
In 1967, who appeared on the first cover of Rolling Stone magazine – John Lennon
In what year did American Express introduce travellers cheques – 1891
Which animal lives in a drey – A squirrel
In the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, what are the 10 Lords-a-leaping said to symbolise – The Ten Commandments
Which Beatles album consisted only of Lennon and McCartney compositions – A Hard Day’s Night
Which politician was once replaced by a tub of lard on the TV show ‘Have I Got News for You’ – Roy Hattersley
Who wrote ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ – C S Lewis
In 2000, who stopped Victoria Beckham reaching number one in the singles chart with her first non-Spice Girls single – Spiller
Who gave the Beatles their name in April 1960 – Paul McCartney, John Lennon or Stuart Sutcliffe – John Lennon

What nationality is Jean Marc Bosman, famous for the ‘Bosman Ruling’ which affected footballers being transferred from one club to another – Belgian
The Tynwald is the parliament on which island – Isle of Man
In which James Bond film does the character of Solitaire appear – Live and Let Die
Which island is part of Danish territory, but if regarded as a country would be the 12th largest in the world – Greenland
Who’s piano was auctioned for 1.45 million pounds in October, 2000 – John Lennon
In the original ‘Big Brother’, who was the first person to be voted out – Sada
Which actor won an oscar for playing Vito Corleone in ‘The Godfather Part II’ – Robert De Niro
Which Shakespeare play inspired the musical ‘West Side Story’ – Romeo And Juliet
Which small European country has the capital city of Vaduz – Liechtenstein
Who wrote the book ‘Heidi’ – Johanna Spyri
On which planet in the Solar System does it constantly rain acid – Venus
What sport features in the Stella Artois tournament – Tennis
Who directed the films ‘Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’ and ‘Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls’ – Russ Meyer
What is the county town of Essex – Chelmsford
Which 1994 film featured Arnold Swarzenegger playing a pregnant man – Junior
In ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, what was the name of the little people who worked for Willy Wonka and loved to sing – Oompa Loompas
In the music world, by what name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III better known – Eminem
In which year were Joker’s first introduced to decks of cards in America – 1865
In ‘Spiderman’, what is the name of the newspaper where Peter Parker works as a photographer – The Daily Bugle
Who were the only football team to beat the Republic of Ireland in their qualifying campaign for the 2002 World Cup Finals – Iran
Who is actress Jamie Lee Curtis’ famous mother – Janet Leigh
In which European country is the city of Bratislava – Slovakia
Which European country began the tradition of exchanging gifts at Christmas time – Italy
In which European country was tennis player Monica Seles born – Yugoslavia
What is comic book hero Roy of the Rovers’ surname – Race
The Hoover Dam in America was built on which river – Colorado
Who wrote the novel ‘Salem’s Lot’ – Stephen King
What was the scoreline when Brazil beat Italy in the 1970 World Cup final – 4-1
What was the name of Britney Spears’ first hit single – Baby One More Time
Which organ in the human body regulates the amount of water in the blood and helps remove waste products – Kidney
How many European countries qualified for the 2002 World Cup Finals – 15
Which actor has played the characters Fletcher Reed, Lloyd Christmas and The Riddler on screen – Jim Carrey
Which actress played Princess Leia in the film ‘Star Wars’ – Carrie Fisher
What name is given to the young of a lion – Cub
In 1997, which song by D-Ream did the Labour Party adopt as the theme tune to their General Election campaign – Things Can Only Get Better
According to his fake ID, in ‘The Simpsons’, in feet and inches how tall is Bart Simpson – 4 foot 2 inches
Which two stations on the London Underground are closest together – Leicester Square and Covent Garden
Which has bigger ears – the African or Indian elephant – African
Which line on the London Underground was opened in 1977 and was originally planned to be called Fleet – Jubilee
What is the most common surname in America – Smith
In which American state is San Quentin prison – California
In ‘The Simpsons’, what was Maggie’s first word – Daddy
In Greek mythology, who hit Achilles in his heel with a poisoned arrow – Paris
After John F Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963, on which date was Lee Harvey Oswald, who was alleged to have shot him, murdered – November 25 1963
Who was the male lead who starred with Demi Moore in the film ‘Ghost’ – Patrick Swayze
How old was William Shakespeare when he died – 52

In which year was Burger King founded – 1954
Which University did Tony Blair go to – Oxford
At which sport did Johnny Weismuller, who played the character of Tarzan on screen, win 5 Olympic Gold medals – Swimming
Which band have had hits called ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You’ and ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ – Foreigner
Which Abba song includes the line ‘Do you still recall that fateful night we crossed the Rio Grande’ – Fernando
In Dennis Potter’s TV series ‘The Singing Detective’, what was the name Michael Gambon’s character which was also the name of famous fictional detective – Philip Marlowe
Which famous person owns a racehorse called Rock of Gibraltar – Alex Ferguson
What is the name of the motel in which Janet Leigh’s character is killed in ‘Psycho’ – The Bates Motel
What was the title of the England Football teams’ 1970 World Cup song – Back Home
Which group’s last top ten hit single was called ‘All Hooked Up’ before they announced a split in 2001 – All Saints
Which TV comedian plays the character of Alan Partridge – Steve Coogan
Which of the five great lakes in North America is nearest to the sea – Lake Ontario
Which female singer released her debut album ‘Not That Kind’ in the year 2000 – Anastacia
Which famous person in history did Mel Gibson play in the film ‘Braveheart’ – William Wallace
In athletics, how many times does the baton change hands within one team in a standard relay race – 3
In which country did Karl Marx spend the last 34 years of his life – England
With which band is Fred Durst the lead singer – Limp Bizkit
What is the name given to a female swan – Pen
What was the first name of Wayne’s friend in ‘Wayne’s World’ – Garth
In the film Goldeneye, which British actor played agent 006 – Sean Bean
What is the largest desert in the world – The Sahara
To what speed does the car in ‘Back To The Future’ have to reach to travel in time – 88 miles per hour
To which European country does Greenland belong – Denmark
In which South American country would you find the Angel Falls – Venezuela
Which ocean surrounds Hawaii – Pacific
Which member of the band the Beatles wrote ‘Here Comes The Sun’ – George Harrison
Which football team do Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis support – Manchester City
In which Irish city is Shannon airport – Limerick
What is the name of the local pub in the TV series ‘Only Fools and Horses’ – The Nag’s Head
What sport was the subject of the 1996 film ‘Happy Gilmore’ starring Adam Sandler – Golf
What is the title of Crowded House’s only UK top ten hit – Weather With You
In computing, how many nibbles are there in one byte – 2
What colour is cobalt – Blue
Who had a number one hit in 1984 with ‘Hello’ – Lionel Richie
In feet, how high above the floor is the net on a basketball court – 10 feet
What are the three water signs of the Zodiac – Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer – Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio
Which famous rock star wrote the lines ‘It’s better to burn out than to fade away’ in his suicide note – Kurt Cobain
Which musical film was the first to include the word ‘bloody’ – My Fair Lady
The film ‘A.I.’ was completed by director Steven Spielberg, but which director started the project – Stanley Kubrick
In feet, how high above the floor is the net on a netball court – 10 feet
How many squares are there on a Scrabble board – 225
What is the highest number on a roulette wheel – 36
What is the name of the fault that causes the earthquakes around San Francisco – San Andreas Fault
Which American President ordered the dropping of the first Atomic Bomb – Harry Truman
In the 1984 Olympics, who did Zola Budd accidentally trip up – Mary Decker
Which team were Manchester United playing, when Eric Cantona was sent off and kicked one of their supporters – Crystal Palace
Who shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald – Jack Ruby
In the Simpsons, what are the names of Marge’s two sisters – Patty and Selma
Which chemical element is derived from the Greek word for ‘male’ – Arsenic
What is the plural of ‘dwarf’ – Dwarfs

Who was Queen of England for 9 days in 1553 – Lady Jane Grey
Whose only UK top ten single is ‘Oxygene (part IV)’ – Jean Michel Jarre
Peter Shilton played his 1000th league game with which club – Leyton Orient
In which Shakespeare play does Prospero appear – The Tempest
‘NCC 1701’ is the registration number of which famous fictional vehicle – The Starship Enterprise
How many countries took place in the 1996 Olympic Games – 197
Which two films that have won best picture Oscar’s in the 1990s have types of animals in their title – Silence of the Lambs and Dances with Wolves
What type of toy animal was ‘wheezy’ in the film ‘Toy Story 2’ – Penguin
Before finding fame as a film director, who played an Elvis impersonator in the last episode of ‘The Golden Girls’ – Quentin Tarantino
In the English and Scottish football leagues, which team has the longest name – Inverness Caledonian Thistle
With which famous novel would you associate the ship ‘Hispaniaola’ – Treasure Island
Who directed the film ‘Almost Famous’ based on his own experiences as a rock reporter in the 70s for Led Zeppelin – Cameron Crowe
What commonly used item means ‘little shade’ in Italian – Umbrella
In music, who’s real name is Richard Starkey – Ringo Starr
In ‘The X-Files’, what is Agent Mulder’s first name – Fox
How many stars are there on the Australian flag – 6
In ‘Star Trek’, what is the nickname of Dr McCoy – Bones
How long is a ten-pin bowling lane 60 feet, 80 feet or 100 feet – 60 feet
In the sitcom ‘Are You Being Served’, what was the name of the character who had the catchphrase ‘I’m Free’ – Mr Humphries
On a typewriter, which word beginning with ‘l’ and ending in ‘p’ is the longest word that can be typed only using the right side of a typewriter – Lollipop
The Black Sea is off the north coast of which country – Turkey
How old was Adrian Mole when he wrote his ‘secret diary’ – Thirteen and three quarters
Which fictional charcter, created by Mary Shelley, had the first name of Viktor – Frankenstein
In Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’, which of the children owns the dog Timothy – Georgina
Which film was the first to use Dolby surround sound – Star Wars
What is the name of the quizmaster on the TV show ‘Fifteen to One’ – William G Stewart
Who invented the Centigrade scale of temperature – Anders Celcius
In literature, what was the surname of Jacob and Wilhelm who wrote many fairy tales together – Grimm
Who had a number one hit in 1986 with ‘Nothing’s gonna change my love for you’ – Glenn Medeiros
How is the fictional ‘Charles Townsend Associates Pvt. Detective Agency’ better known – Charlie’s Angels
For which film and television role is actor Leonard Nimoy best known – Spock
What is the title of Helen Fielding’s follow up to her novel ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ – The Edge Of Reason
Which famous model tried to embark on a career in music when she released the single ‘Oh Yeah’ in 1999 – Caprice
Which British golfer became the youngest ever to play in the Ryder Cup when he did so in 1977 – Nick Faldo
For which film did Henry Fonda receive his last Oscar – On Golden Pond
Which famous artist designed the dream sequences in Alfred Hitchcock’s film ‘Spellbound’ – Salvador Dali
Isihara Plate tests are used to determine what – Colour Blindness
What was the original title of Joseph Heller’s novel ‘Catch 22’, but was later changed as it had a similar title to a book by Leon Uris – Catch 18
In which country was the recent ‘Lord Of The Rings’ movie filmed – New Zealand
Which film star has the real name of Chan Kongsang – Jackie Chan
Which instrument was Benny Goodman famous for playing – Clarinet
Who had a number one hit in 1998 with ‘Frozen’ – Madonna
Fats Waller was famous for playing which instrument – Piano
Which band released the 1983 album ‘Sports’ – Huey Lewis and the News
Sir Mulberry Hawk appears in what Charles Dickens novel – Nicholas Nickleby
What type of pastry is used in profiteroles – Choux
By what name is ‘Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web’ now known – Yahoo

How old was Henry III when he became King in 1216 – 9
In which sport are competitors not allowed to play left handed – Polo
In what year did Robert Rusticoat publish ‘The Wasp’, the first comic book ever to be published – 1802
In which American state is Cape Canaveral, a launching site for space travel – Florida
What was Raymond Chandler’s first novel, which was later made into a successful film starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall – The Big Sleep
In the film ‘The Matrix’, by what name is Keanu Reeve’s character Thomas Anderson commonly known – Neo
How many players make up a volleyball team – 6
Which British Prime Minister resigned because of the Suez crisis – Anthoney Eden
What was the name of the novelty song that Spitting Image took to number one in 1986 – The Chicken Song
Which British city has an underground railway system which is nicknamed ‘The Clockwork Orange’ – Glasgow
Which Dutchman won the men’s singles title at Wimbledon in 1996 – Richard Krajicek
Who played Kavanagh QC on British television – John Thaw
What does an anemometer measure – Wind speed
What is the maximum length in inches of a baseball bat 28 inches, 34 inches or 42 inches – 42 inches
In computing, if a byte is 8 bits, how many bits is a nibble – 4
What was the title of New Order’s 1990 hit with the England football squad – World In Motion
Who had a number one hit with ‘Ride On Time’ in 1989 – Black Box
According to Oscar Wilde, what is ‘the name everyone gives to his mistakes – Experience
Who was the Norse God of thunder – Thor
What now-common four-letter word was first heard on the screen in the film ‘Gone With The Wind’ – Damn
Which London football club was the first in England to install an artificial pitch – Queens Park Rangers – QPR
On a movie set, who or what is the gaffer – The chief electrician
Later adapted into a successful film, what was the title of Margaret Mitchell’s one and only novel – Gone With The Wind
Who sailed to the Galapagos Islands on his ship HMS Beagle – Charles Darwin
In which year did the notorious witch hunts take place in Salem in Massachusetts – 1692
‘The Hunt for Red October’, ‘Patriot Games’, and ‘Clear and Present Danger’ are all films based on novels by whom – Tom Clancy
What was the screen name of actor Lee Yuen Kim – Bruce Lee
Lanzarote is part of which island group – Canaries
From which country does the dish Enchilada originate – Mexico
In which English city is the film ‘The Full Monty’ set – Sheffield
Where in the body can you find your metacarpal bones – In your hands
In what decade did the BBC begin television broadcasting – 1930s
In what year did the Queen talk about her ‘annus horriblis’ in her Christmas speech – 1992
What is the name of the city in which The Simpsons live – Springfield
Who directed the Oscar-winning film ‘The English Patient’ – Anthony Minghella
In which county is Windsor Castle – Berkshire
What is the first property you’d pass on a standard Monopoly board – Old Kent Road
What is the name of the land of giants in the book ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ – Brobdingnag
Which children’s author wrote about the characters Squirrel Nutkins and Tom Kitten – Beatrix Potter
Who plays the role of Sharon Watts in the TV soap opera ‘Eastenders’ – Letitia Dean
In which country was Mother Theresa born – Albania
Which musical term means ‘notes of a chord played in quick succession’ – Arpeggio
Which famous actor was the first director of the National Theatre – Laurence Olivier
In the book ‘Through The Looking Glass’, which chess piece does Alice start off as – Pawn
Situated in Italy, what is Stromboli – An active volcano
Which Shakespeare play features the character of Sebastian – Twelfth Night
What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea – Sicily
Which city will host the 2004 Summer Olympics – Athens
What make of car does TV’s Mr Bean drive – Mini
In what town was William Shakespeare born – Stratford-upon-Avon

What was the title of Oasis’ 1994 debut single – Supersonic
Which band released the 1999 comeback single ‘Maria’ – Blondie
Who wrote the novel ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover’ – D H Lawrence
Who had a hit in 1990 with the song ‘Killer’ – Adamski
Which song was a hit for both Freddie Mercury and The Platters – The Great Pretender
Which Beatles song was a number one for ‘Ferry Aid’ – Let It Be
What is the common title of hit singles for ‘David Bowie’, ‘Five’ and ‘Chris Rea’ – Let’s Dance
Who painted ‘The Haywain’ – Constable
In which film did Mel Gibson play a character who was frozen for 50 years – Forever Young
Which country was once ruled by Tsars – Russia
In which film did Pierce Brosnan play James Bond for the first time – Goldeneye
Which motorway circles London – M25
With which Dickens novel would you associate the character of Thomas Gradgrind – Hard Times
In which country did the dish of goulash originate – Hungary
The island of Gotland belongs to which country – Sweden
How many points are on the maple leaf that appears on the Canadian flag – 11
Who had a number one hit in 1992 with ‘I’m Doing Fine Now’ – The Pasadenas
Guns ‘n’ Roses had a hit with a cover version of which James Bond theme tune – Live And Let Die
What is the common title of hit singles by Holly Johnson and The O’Jays – Love Train
Who had a number one hit in 1994 with ‘Mmm mmm mmm mmm’ – Crash Test Dummies
How old was Queen Victoria when she ascended the throne in 1837 – 18
Who had a number one hit in 1993 with the song ‘Go West’ – The Pet Shop Boys
From which football team did Chelsea sign England midfielder Frank Lampard – West Ham United
In which year was Shakespeare born – 1564
After which famous person in history was the teddy bear named – Theodore Roosevelt
In the world of films, by what name was Arthur Stanley Jefferson better known – Stan Laurel
Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is set on the outskirts of which city – Athens
Branches of which tree appear on the UN flag – Olive
What is the second highest mountain in the world – K2
Who was the first Roman Emperor – Augustus
What was the name of the band All Saints’ number one hit which was featured on the soundtrack to the film ‘The Beach’ – Pure Shores
Which novelist works include ‘Dead Cert’, ‘Comeback’ and ‘To The Hilt’ – Dick Francis
In which year did the first commercial radio broadcast take place – 1920
In the animated film ‘Jungle Book’, what were the names of the four vultures – John, Paul, George and Ringo
Diane Leather became the first woman to do what in under 5 minutes – Run a mile
What is the only mammal which can truly fly – The bat
Which TV actor provided the voice for Bob the Builder on his number one hit – Neil Morrissey
Based on the height above sea level, which South American city is the highest capital city in the world – La Paz
Who was been the oldest American President to be elected into office – Ronald Reagan
Who directed the film ‘Dr Strangelove’ – Stanley Kubrick
Which tennis player was stabbed in 1993 while playing against Magdaleena Maleeva in the Citizen Cup – Monica Seles
Which author wrote the novels ‘The Odessa File’, ‘The Fourth Protocol’ and ‘The Fist Of God’ – Frederick Forsyth
In which continent are the top ten highest active volcanoes in the world – South America
Which actress starred in ‘Dial M For Murder’, ‘Rear Window’ and ‘High Society’ – Grace Kelly
For which carnival is the American city of New Orleans famous – Mardi Gras
Which element has the highest melting point – Carbon
What is the capital city of Libya – Tripoli
What is the only continent which does not have any reptiles or snakes – Antarctica
Which Stanley Kubrick film was based on a short story by Gustav Hasford called ‘The Short Timers’ – Full Metal Jacket
Which Canadian city was originally called York in 1793 – Toronto
In which decade did Christopher Cockerell invent the hovercraft – 1950s
What was the name of the first ventriloquist’s dummy to have a top ten hit in the UK charts – Orville

Which famous rock star did Angie Barnett marry in 1970 – David Bowie
How many American states begin with the letter ‘M’ – 8
Which Quentin Tarantino film was an adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel called ‘Rum Punch’ – Jackie Brown
Which part of the body is affected by conjunctivitis – The eyes
Who was the first British King of the 19th century – George III
What sport do the New Jersey Devils and the Detroit Red Wings play – Ice Hockey
Which 1967 film starred Sidney Poiter, and had a theme tune performed by Lulu – To Sir With Love
Which famous film director directed the second segment of the 1983 film ‘Twighlight Zone: The Movie’ – Steven Spielberg
Which metal has the chemical symbol Ag – Silver
Which 1992 Belgian film features a documentary crew filming the activities of a serial killer – Man Bites Dog
Who won a Grammy in 2002 for her vocal on the song ‘I’m Like A Bird’ – Nelly Furtardo
Used in the English language, what word translates as ‘little war’ in Spanish – Guerrilla
Which synthetic material was named by combining the French words for velvet and hook – Velcro
Which famous literary character lived at No.7 in Saville Row in London, before embarking on a famous journey – Phileas Fog
Who was killed playing poker while holding a pair of aces and a pair of eights leading to expression ‘dead man’s hand’ – Wild Bill Hickock
In which European city would you find Anne Frank’s house – Amsterdam
What colour is the circle on the Japanese flag – Red
In the ‘Harry Potter’ novels, what species of owl is Hedwig – Snowy Owl
Which group had a top ten hit with ‘Waterfalls’ in 1995 – TLC
How many lanes are there in an Olympic sized swimming pool – 8
Which famous rock group were once called The High Numbers – The Who
In which American city is the film ‘Minority Report’ set – Washington DC
What was Fatboy Slim’s first UK number one single – Praise You
What was the name of Basil’s wife in ‘Fawlty Towers’ – Sybil
The film ‘Bicentennial Man’ starring Robin Williams was based on a story by which author – Isaac Asimov
Other than cricket, what sport is played regularly at Lord’s cricket ground – Real tennis
In which European country was actor Bruce Willis born – Germany
Which singer played Billie Holiday in the 1972 film ‘Lady Sings The Blues’ – Diana Ross
The word ‘book’ originates from the middle English word ‘bok’ meaning which type of tree – Beech
In what year did the Legionnaire’s Disease claim it’s first fatality – 1976
The liquer cassis is made from which fruit – Blackcurrant
Which planet did Mariner 10 fly past and take pictures of in 1973 – Mercury
Who played the title role in the Tim Burton film ‘Ed Wood’ – Johnny Depp
In July 1998, who became the youngest solo act to top the UK charts with a debut single – Billie Piper
In which year were bar codes first introduced into shops in America – 1974
Which famous singer was born Thomas Woodward in 1940 – Tom Jones
In which year was volleyball invented – 1895
Who were the first British football team to win the European cup – Celtic
In which American city was the TV show ‘Cheers’ set – Boston
In which year did Leonardo Da Vinci design the first parachute – 1480
What is the third book in the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ trilogy called – The Return Of The King
Which group got its name from a US spy plane – U2
What is the surname of the family in the TV series ‘2 point 4 children’ – Porter
0131 is the dialing code for which British city – Edinburgh
Who was Queen Elizabeth II’s father – George VI
How old is a quadragenarian – 40
In which two European cities are Nobel prizes presented – Oslo and Stockholm
Which of the four Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles would come first alphabetically – Donatello
What name is given to the score 111 in cricket – Nelson
Who was the first Indian born author to win a Nobel Prize – Rudyard Kipling
USA contains approximately what percentage of the worlds population 1%, 5% or 10% – 5%

With which sport would you associate Nelli Kim – Gymnastics
On which London street is Selfridges – Oxford Street
Who had hit singles in the 1990s including ‘A Change Would Do You Good’ and ‘My Favourite Mistake’ – Sheryl Crowe
Who wrote the book ‘About A Boy’ which was turned into a successful film starring Hugh Grant – Nick Hornby
Which movie actor has played characters including Jack Ryan and Dr Richard Kimble – Harrisson Ford
Who did Muhammad Ali fight in ‘The Thrilla In Manila’ – Joe Frazier
What measurement is used to measure the size of horses – Hands
Which famous film actor once played the detective David Addison on television – Bruce Willis
Which female scientist was the first to win 2 Nobel Science prizes – Marie Curie
How many countries does the equator run through – 12
What football team does singer Robbie Williams support – Port Vale
Which European capital city was known as Lutecia by the Romans – Paris
Who played Joey Boswell in Bread and later went on to direct the film ‘Sliding Doors’ – Peter Howitt
Who has had albums called ‘Blonde On Blonde’, ‘Blood On The Tracks’ and ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ – Bob Dylan
Where in the body would you find the femur bone – The leg
Acrophobia is the fear of what – Heights
What is the nickname of the Australian rugby union team – Wallabies
Which pop group had their first number one in the UK with a cover version of A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’ – A1
In which European country did the Mazurka dance originate – Poland
What is the largest number on a standard backgammon doubling cube – 64
What two words usually begin the names of the episodes of the TV show ‘Friends’ – The one
The title of the French national anthem is derived from the name of which French city – Marseilles
Which gender of lion has a mane The male, the female, or both – Male
In 2001, which pop group turned on the Christmas lights in Oxford Street in London – S Club 7
Who plays Dana Scully in ‘The X-Files’ – Gillian Anderson
In which Asian country did the Long March of the 1930s take place – China
What is the only country which is crossed by both the equator and the tropic of capricorn – Brazil
Which commonly eaten item of food has a name which literaly translates as ‘twice cooked’ – Biscuit
Which actor, whose father is also an actor, took over from Michael Praed playing Robin Hood on TV – Jason Connery
In the TV comedy series ‘Frasier’, what is Frasier’s surname – Crane
What kind of sport is the game of futsal – Indoor football
What was Sarah, the Duchess of York’s maiden name – Ferguson
What does a kleptomaniac compulsively do – Steal things
What was Madonna’s first top ten single – Holiday
Which British band have had hit albums called ‘Gold Mother’, ‘Seven’ and ‘Laid’ – James
What would you use if you were practising ikebana – Flowers
Which actress played the female lead in the film ‘Out Of Africa’ – Meryl Streep
Where on your body would you wear espadrilles – On your feet
Which country is San Marino surrounded by – Italy
How many islands make up the Maldives – 1196
Which make of car was James Dean driving when he was killed in 1955 – Porsche
A dagger, lead piping, a revolver, rope and a candlestick – which murder weapon is missing from the game of Cluedo – Spanner
In which American city would you find the headquarters of McDonalds – Chicago
Who wrote the poem ‘Jabberwocky’ – Lewis Carroll
What is the name of Homer’s boss in the TV show ‘The Simpsons’ – Montgomery Burns
The film ‘Saving Private Ryan’ is set around which war – World War 2
Which TV series has characters called Reese, Dewey, Malcolm, Lois, Hal and Francis – Malcolm In The Middle
Which Radio 1 DJ announced he was leaving the station in August 2002, after 15 years – Mark Goodier
In which year did work began on building St Paul’s Cathedral – 1675
Commonly found at circuses, what would a funambulist be better known as – Tight-rope walker
In which film would you find ‘the Knights who say Ni’ – Monty Python and the Holy Grail
In which English county is the Lake District – Cumbria

What is the most westerly county in England – Cornwall
Who plays Dr Evil in the ‘Austin Powers’ films – Mike Myers
Which football team were formed in 1867 from a cricket club and got their name because they could only play on one day of the week – Sheffield Wednesday
Who was the female judge on the ITV show ‘Pop Idol’ (2002) – Nicki Chapman
Is a group of crows called a murder, a massacre, a killing or a riot – A murder
Which 2002 computer virus was named after a popular female tennis player – Kournikova
In what year did the London Eye open – 2000
Royksopp, who released their debut album ‘Melody AM’ in 2002 are from which European country – Norway
What is the most common pub name in the UK – The Red Lion
Which character in the TV show ‘Sesame Street’ lives in a trash can – Oscar
What is the largest land mammal in the world – Elephant
Which comedian has the nickname ‘the big yin’ – Billy Connolly
Which Stealers Wheel song is playing in ‘Reservoir Dogs’ when Mr Blonde tortures a police officer – Stuck In The Middle With You
Which 1933 film is set on and around Skull Island – King Kong
Where in London is Charles Dickens buried – Westminster Abbey
Which celebrity couple who divorced in October 2000, have children called Rumer, Scout and Tellelah Belle – Demi Moore and Bruce Willis
In which American state was Elvis Presley born – Mississippi
Which instrument did Karen Carpenter play in The Carpenters before becoming lead singer – Drums
In which Scottish city are the comics the Beano and the Dandy published – Dundee
How many states are there in Australia – 6
In which European capital city would you find Wenceslas Square – Prague
Gwen Stefani is the lead singer with which group – No Doubt
What colour is the cross on the flag of Finland – Blue
Which band released the album ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’ – Blur
Which band released their third album called ‘War’ in 1983 – U2
Which famous female singer made her movie debut alongside Tupac Shakur in the film ‘Poetic Justice’ – Janet Jackson
How old was Bruce Lee when he died – 32
Which author wrote about the characters Anne Elliot, Jane Fairfax and Emma Woodhouse – Jane Austen
In the film ‘Bambi’, what is the name of Bambi’s rabbit friend – Thumper
What is the more common name for Ethylene Glycol – Antifreeze
In what year was Alcoholics Anonymous formed – 1935
Which Elvis Presley song was based on the Italian folk song ‘O Sole Mio’ – It’s Now Or Never
‘Sooner Or Later’ and ‘You Must Love Me’ were Oscar winning songs performed by which singer – Madonna
Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Beyonce Knowles make up which band – Destiny’s Child
What is the name of actress Melanie Griffiths’ mother, who appeared in the Alfred Hitchcock film ‘The Birds’ – Tippi Hedren
Which fictional character has been played on screen by Julie Newmar, Ertha Kitt and Michelle Pfeiffer – Catwoman
In which European country are Limassol and Nicosia – Cyprus
In the TV series ‘Friends’ what is Joey and Chandler’s favourite TV show – Baywatch
What was the only word spoken by mime artist Marcel Marceau in the 1976 film ‘Silent Movie’ – No
Which film featured Robin Williams playing an English teacher called John Keating – Dead Poets Society
In Monopoly, what colour are the houses you buy for your properties – Green
Who was the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 – Lenin
What name is given to the young of a horse – Foal
In the game of Monopoly, how many houses must you buy on a property before you can buy a hotel – 4
What is the second most common word in spoken English – and
What was the title of the Beatles’ first single – Love Me Do
What was the biggest selling single in the UK in the 1980s – Do They Know Its Christmas by Band Aid
What was the name of Thomas Keneally’s book on which the film ‘Schindler’s List’ was based – Schindler’s Ark

What is the second most common word in written English – of
In the game of draughts, how many men does a player start with – 12
Whose is the first birth to be recorded in the Bible – Cain
Which country has the most Universities in the world, almost twice the number in USA – India
Which 1999 film was the last to be directed by Stanley Kubrick – Eyes Wide Shut
Which of the Bronte sisters wrote the novels ‘Agnes Gray’ and ‘The Tenant Of Windfell Hall – Anne
What are the names of the Duke Of York’s two children – Beatrice and Eugenie
Who plays the Green Goblin in the 2002 film ‘Spider-Man’ – Willem Dafoe
Which famous TV and film actress got engaged to musician Kid Rock in April 2002 – Pamela Anderson
In which year was the British Library, the largest reference library in the UK, founded – 1753
In which famous novel was the official language of society called ‘Newspeak’ – 1984
In which film did Clint Eastwood first appear as the ‘Man with no name’ – A Fistful Of Dollars
Who were the first married couple to guest star in an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ – Paul and Linda McCartney
What is the amateur equivalent of the Ryder Cup golf tournament called – The Walker Cup
Which television program ended with the line ‘Time for bed said Zebedee’ – The Magic Roundabout
Which two countries fought in the Hundred Years War – England and France
On which TV game show have Stephen Fry, Magnus Magnusson, Michael Parkinson and Gabby Yorath all made guest appearances – Countdown
Who provided the voice of the title character in the 2001 film ‘Shrek’ – Mike Myers
Who directed the 2001 film ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ – Chris Columbus
Which pop star filed for divorce from her husband Cris Judd in July, 2002 – Jennifer Lopez
What do the members of ‘Mensa’ call themselves – Mensans
In which year was ‘Match Of The Day’ first broadcast on BBC1 – 1964
What is the westernmost point of England called – Lands End
In Greek mythology what is the name of the winged horse – Pegasus
Who plays Sabrina in the television show ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ – Melissa Joan Hart
What was the name of the Captain who hunted Moby Dick – Captain Ahab
Right or worng: Shakespeare’s Macbeth was a real person – Right
In which year was Channel 4 launched – 1982
How many degrees apart are two lines of longitude which determine a time zone – 15
Who was the first British footballer to receive a knighthood – Sir Stanley Matthews
Why have some football teams in England got triangular corner flags instead of square – They have won the FA Cup
In the childrens TV series, what was the name of the girl who looked after Bagpuss – Emily
Who was the first DJ to be heard on Radio1 – Tony Blackburn
What is Britains oldest Sunday newspaper – The Observer
Which artist tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in 1890, but didn’t succeed until he tried again two days later – Vincent Van Gogh
The three part TV series ‘Killer’ introduced which detective inspector in 1983 – Taggart
What was the first product to be advertised on Channel 5 – Chanel Number 5
What is the name of the lake in the middle of Hyde Park – The Serpentine
How many points would you get for the word ‘Scrabble’ in a game of Scrabble – 11
How many UK number ones did Take That have in the 1990s – 7
Who wrote ‘The Ugly Duckling’ – Hans Christian Andersen
Who had a hit in 1994 with ‘Zombie’ – The Cranberries
Who had a hit in 1988 with ‘The First Time’ – Robin Beck
After how many points do players swap serve in table tennis – 5
Which famous speech began with the words ‘At long last, I am able to say a few words of my own’ – The abdication speech of Edward VIII
Who had a hit in 1991 with ‘Move Any Mountain’ – The Shamen
Which boxer had a minor hit single in 1995 with ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – Frank Bruno
‘Snot Rap’ was a 1983 top 10 hit single for which TV personality – Kenny Everett
How many pieces does a Jenga set have – 54
Who had a hit in 1988 with ‘My Perogative’ – Bobby Brown
In what year did the first recorded railroad accident occur – 1832
Who was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe – Sir Francis Drake
In which city was actor Russell Crowe born – Wellington, New Zealand

Which number is written 1010 in binary – 10
Which British band’s first album was called ‘Word Gets Around’ – The Stereophonics
Who became the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962 and returned to Space in 1997 – John Glenn
Which Shakespeare play was banned by some schools because it contains a girl dressing as a boy – Twelfth Night
How much money is referred to in the slang term ‘a monkey’ – 500 pounds
What word is used to describe a group of ants – Colony
Which strait links the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean – Gibraltar Strait
Who played Hercule Poirot in the films ‘Death On The Nile’ and ‘Appointment With Death’ – Peter Ustinov
Valencia Island is off the coast of which European country – Ireland
In which decade did the Roswell incident take place, in which wreckage from a UFO was said to be discovered – 1940s
Which American film features a villain called John Doe and a police officers called William Somerset and David Mills – Se7en
Which song starts with the line ‘I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour’ – Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Know by The Smiths
In which film did Tom Hanks play a prison guard called Paul Edgecomb – The Green Mile
In Monopoly, how much does Park Lane cost – 350 pounds
What was the name of Paul Eddington’s character in the TV shows ‘Yes, Minister’ and ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ – Jim Hacker
In computing, which operating system has a penguin as it’s logo – Linux
In the Dilbert comic strips, what is the name of the management consultant – Dogbert
How did the inventors of the game ‘Yahtzee’ came up with its name – They invented it while sailing on a yacht
Who were the four original presenters of the TV series ‘Game For A Laugh’ – Jeremy Beadle, Henry Kelly, Matthew Kelly and Sarah Kennedy
What was the name of the ship that Captain Pugwash sailed in – The Black Pig
In the cartoon strip, what is the name of Andy Capp’s wife – Flo
Which Central American state is also the name of a type of headgear – Panama
In Scrabble how many letters have a value of 2 – 2
In literature, which fictional detective lived at St Mary Mead – Miss Marple
What was the profession of Patrick Swayze’s character in ‘Ghost’ – Stockbroker
Which band finished 7th with the song ‘Mary Ann’ for the UK in the 1979 Eurovision song contest, before later going on to have a massive party hit in the UK several years later – Black Lace
Who played ‘Balowski’ in the TV comedy series ‘The Young Ones’ – Alexie Sayle
In the famous equation E = MC squared, if ‘E’ stands for Energy and ‘M’ for Mass, what does ‘c” stand for – The speed of light
What famous musical is also the name of an American state – Oklahoma
Which actor has played the policeman Nick Rowan on TV – Nick Berry
What is the scientific name for the wind pipe – The trachea
Which Rugby league team are nicknamed the Eagles and play at Don Valley stadium – Sheffield
Which famous author once said ‘Work is the curse of the drinking class’ – Oscar Wilde
What is the national flower of Wales – Daffodil
Who played Patrick Trench in ‘One Foot In The Grave’ – Angus Deayton
Who wrote ‘Pygmalion’ and ‘Caesar and Cleopatra’ – George Bernard Shaw
Which sculptor created ‘The Thinker’ – Rodin
Which planet was discovered in 1781 by Frederick Herschel – Uranus
Which song includes the line ‘And I’m floating in the most peculiar way’ – Space Oddity by David Bowie
In which year was Isaac Newton born – 1642
In what year did the first execution by lethal injection take place in America – 1982
Which country has the longest coastline in the world – Canada
Does an average trained typist use there left or right hand to type more – Left
Who narrated the TV show ‘The Wombles’ – Bernard Cribbins
What name is given to the Southernmost point in South America – Cape Horn
By what name was the Scottish outlaw Robert McGregor better known – Rob Roy
In books and films, by what name was John Clayton better known – Tarzan
In literature, which fictional character has parents called Lily and James – Harry Potter



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