The Beautiful Game

1 What connects November 30 and Birmingham City FC?
2 Which former World Footballer of the Year stood as a candidate for the
Presidency of Liberia in 2001?
3 In the 20th century, who was the only goalkeeper to be voted European
Footballer of the Year?
4 Who was the leading goal scorer at the 1982 World Cup finals?
5 Who were the first three foreign footballers to score 100 goals in England’s
6 Which football team is known as the Grand Old Lady of Europe?
7 In September 2004, who became the first footballer to score for six different
football clubs?
8 By 2006, which five Uniteds had won the FA Cup?
9 Which player scored the first ever goal in the Premiership in England?
10 In 1975 which former England captain managed a side to the European Cup
11 In a TV advert which footballer proclaimed, “I feel like chicken tonight”?
12 Which British footballer was voted European Footballer of the Year in 1966?
13 With which club did Teddy Sheringham start his league career?
14 In 2003, who became the youngest footballer to win 50 caps for England?
15 In the 1990 World Cup semi final which player missed the final England
penalty in the shoot out against Germany?
16 Which football club did Victoria Beckham threaten with legal action over the
use of their nickname The Posh?
17 Field Marshall Montgomery was once President of which football club?
18 Who were the only two players to score for England in the 1986 World Cup
19 Who scored a hat trick in the Matthews Cup final?
20 Which indie band performed England’s official 2006 World Cup song?
21 Who was voted PFA Player of the Year in 2006?
22 What surname is shared by a former England manager and a former snooker World
23 Who was the first Dutchman to be voted Football Writers Footballer of the
24 In the 2002 FIFA World Player of the Year Award, which goalkeeper came
25 In 1955 which club became the first British club to take part in the European
26 What was the first team in the Premiership to field a team comprising of 11
foreign players?
27 Named after a FIFA President what was the original name of the first World
Cup trophy?
28 In 1998, which Frenchman scored the first ever golden goal in the final
stages of the World Cup?
29 Which 17 year old represented Northern Ireland in the 1982 World Cup?
30 In the early days of football what did a referee use to attract a players
attention prior to the introduction of the whistle?
31 Who was knighted in 1998, 32 years after bagging a famous hat trick?
32 In 1950, who won his first England cap at the age of 38?
33 In 1968 who became the first English player to be sent off in an
international match?
34 Which brothers won FA Cup winners medals in 1996?
35 In the 1997 FA Cup final which player scored after just 42 seconds?
36 In 2000 what did FIFA name as the Club of the Century?
37 Which Scottish football ground translates into English as “dung heap”?
38 Who was infamously sacked after just 44 days as manager of Leeds United?
39 In 2006 who became the first footballer to score for England at three
different World Cups?
40 In an alphabetical list of surnames which England manager comes last?

1 St Andrews, the saint’s day and home ground of Birmingham
2 George Weah
3 Lev Yashin
4 Paulo Rossi
5 Dwight Yorke, Thierry Henry, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
6 Juventus
7 Les Ferdinand
8 Manchester Utd, Sheffield Utd, Newcastle Utd, Leeds Utd, West Ham Utd
9 Brian Deane
10 Jimmy Armfield, who managed Leeds to the final
11 Ian Wright
12 Bobby Charlton
13 Millwall
14 Michael Owen
15 Chris Waddle
16 Peterborough Utd
17 Portsmouth
18 Gary Lineker and Peter Beardsley
19 Stan Mortensen
20 Embrace
21 Steven Gerrard
22 Taylor, Graham and Dennis
23 Frans Thijssen
24 Oliver Kahn
25 Hibs
26 Chelsea
27 Jules Rimet Trophy
28 Laurent Blanc
29 Norman Whiteside
30 Referees waved a white handkerchief
31 Geoff Hurst
32 Leslie Compton
33 Alan Mullery
34 Gary and Phil Neville
35 Roberto di Matteo
36 Real Madrid
37 Pittodrie, home of Aberdeen
38 Brian Clough
39 David Beckham
40 Walter Winterbottom


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